Storage in Vancouver, BC

Storage in VancouverVancouver is a beautiful city to live in with great quality of life, beautiful scenery and activities, mild weather and a diverse population. There are many reasons to need storage in Vancouver, and we have some tips to help you make the right decisions about your storage.

Why Store in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a metropolitan city surrounded on multiple sides by water or beautiful provincial parks. As with other large cities with limited space like New York City and San Francisco, this leads to higher density living and high rents. In situations like this, finding a home with enough storage can be difficult and costly. Many newer townhouses in the area sometimes include small storage areas made out of wire mesh. These areas are not always very large or very secure, and a storage unit can be a good addition. With a storage unit you can have space for all of your tools, seasonal items, extra clothing and whatever else you need to store without having to find a huge home.

What to Look For

Security is a big deal for storage in Vancouver. Many U-Haul self-storage locations in Vancouver have individually alarmed units. Other security features to look for are 24/7 monitoring and personal access codes. Vancouver is also a city of rain. Having a dry storage unit is very important. You don’t want your important possession getting wet or mildewed!

Outdoor Storage in Vancouver BCBusiness Storage in Vancouver

Business storage is also very popular in Vancouver. The same space problems that plague you at home, can also be a problem at work. Storage can be useful for excess stock, seasonal displays or decorations, old records and more. Many businesses in Vancouver find drive up units to be the most convenient for loading and unloading. Inquire with your local U-Haul storage facility for availability.

Do you have any tips for storage in Vancouver, BC that were helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below.