Holiday Delivery Dates

The holidays are approaching! You know what that means: presents. Amidst everything going on during the  holiday season, the last thing you want is for your packages to arrive late. Thankfully, if you plan accordingly,  those gifts can get to their designated locations just in the nick of time.

Holiday Delivery Deadlines

No matter where you order from, holiday delivery dates are going to vary depending on the products you choose, shipping location, and the chosen delivery speed. Thankfully, most places have estimated delivery date calendars on their sites as well as personalized calculating tools. Here are some popular dates to consider for your packages to arrive in time for Christmas:

Boxman Santa's Holiday Delivery

  • Hallmark: Dec. 14 – Dec. 20
  • Amazon: Dec. 13 – Dec. 24
  • USPS: Dec. 15 – Dec. 23
  • Macy’s: Dec 8 – Dec 23
  • FedEx: Calculate Rates and Transit Times online
  • UPS: Calculate Rates and Transit Times online
    • Latest Date: Dec 23; USP Next Day Air
  • Best Buy
    • Standard Shipping: 3-7 business days
    • Express: 1 business day

Additional Holiday Delivery Advice

  • The sooner you ship, the sooner it will arrive! You will also be more likely to receive eligibility of free shipping options
  • Take advantage of U.S. Postal Service’s Free Priority Mail supplies
  • If you need any boxes or packaging materials to safely ship your packages, be sure to pick them up as early as possible so you can get things wrapped and ready to go on time. Note: any leftover materials can be turned into holiday crafts!
  • Know your guidelines – most places will not allow shipping of alcohol, perfume, medication, tobacco, or firearms
  • Make sure your addresses are correct and legible! You don’t want your presents to get lost.

As long as you stay on top of your holiday delivery methods, you can sit back and relax. Make sure to take some time to enjoy all of your favorite holiday traditions and to spend some time with loved ones.

Have you previously shipped presents to loved ones during the holiday season? Share your experiences below!