Six Tips to Winterize Your Home

Winter Proof Your Home
As I sat down to research “how to winterize your home,” I quickly learned a lot! Living in Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun, I realized that I probably think about winter differently than people who don’t live in Phoenix… as in: “Winter, where are you?” But, thinking about getting my home ready for winter weather is not something I have done in the past. So I am glad I did my research. Even I can take action for a more cozy and comfortable home during the “cold” winter season.

Clean Your Gutters:

It is extremely important to clean your gutters before winter in order for rainwater, snow melt and debris to flow freely through, preventing icicles and ice blocks from forming, and any damage from happening.

Caulk, Weatherstrip or Bubble Wrap:

During the winter season, it is not uncommon to experience drafts in your home from unsealed windows or doors. These gaps can easily be filled with caulk or sealed tight with weather-stripping. You can also tape bubble wrap to your windows to prevent cool air from coming through.

Make Sure Your Heating System Is Tuned Up:

This tip really stuck out because, as I mentioned before, I live in Phoenix…and there is nothing more important than making sure your air conditioning unit is working properly before the 120-degree days set in. The same goes for heating systems. A properly maintained heater will do a better job of keeping your home warm during winter.

Replace Your Filters:

Making sure the filters in your heating system are changed regularly (every month) is a quick and easy way to improve the system’s efficiency and longevity.

Service Snow-Removal Equipment:

Be sure to service/tune-up your snowblowers and make sure you have gas for the machine Replenish salt for your salt spreader, and replace any worn snow shovels and ice choppers.

Run Fans in Reverse:

Ceiling fans are a must-have during summer, but did you know they can be great during the winter too? If you reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise, they will push down hot air that has risen toward the ceiling.

Do you have any unique, helpful tips for winterizing your home? If so, please share them with us here.