College Moving Tips: Multi-Student Move

With the end of the school year approaching, chances are you’re starting to consider options for the summer? Maybe you’re graduating this year and you’re heading out to a big city to start your career. Or maybe you’re moving out of a dorm and into an apartment. Whatever the case may be, if you have opportunity to plan a multi-student move, you can and should in order to save on cost.

As with most moves, you’ll need to rent a moving truck or maybe even use a U-Box container – for those of you making a longer move – and both of these will be substantially cheaper if you split the cost in two or three ways. Plus, moving together will allow you to spend some time working as a team which is helping if you plan on living together.

If you think you still need some additional help with your move or you really just want someone else to do all the work, you can hire Moving Help to take care of it. They can have you moved out and into your new place in no time! This takes the pressure of you so you can enjoy the change in your life.

So when you decide you’re moving with roommates here are some of the supplies, equipment and services to consider:

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