College Moving Tips: Small Moves with No Furniture

Getting ready to move for college is one of the most exciting milestones in someone’s life. If you’re like me, when moving around furniture isn’t an issue. Between the dorm I lived in freshman year and my current apartment that came fully furnished , moving is mainly about transporting all of my clothes. Moving is about renting a small trailer or cargo van that can fit all the boxes of clothes, kitchen gear, or school books that wouldn’t all fit in my car.

College Moving Supplies:

Here are the essential moving supplies you can expect to need for a typical 1-2 bedroom move into temporary storage:

If you’re well prepared for your move, the process can be a blast. Remember: well packed items can be unloaded faster!

Worried about what to do during college breaks? If you plan on returning home for Summer or Winter, Collegeboxes© has you covered. They do everything from shipping, storage, and providing moving supplies such as boxes.

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Are you or someone you know preparing for their college move? Do you have any experience moving without furniture? Share your stories in the comments below!