Choosing a New Home vs. an Existing Home

Choosing a New Home vs. an Existing HomeWhen it comes to shopping for a home, there are many factors to take into consideration. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly, as you are going to be living in this home for years to come. There are an array of items you should take into account when deciding on what home to buy before it’s time to move:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Home size
  • Available amenities
  • Architecture style
  • Home layout or floor plan desires
  • And more…

When evaluating your personal needs and preferences you also have to consider whether buying a newly constructed home or a preexisting home is the most ideal? The many perks to owning a new home may surprise you:

Less maintenance

A new home usually requires less maintenance compared to an existing home that may be several years old. With new construction, you likely won’t have to worry about the current state of the home and what repairs or changes you’ll have to make. When buying a preexisting home you risk having to make repairs and changes that you may not have anticipated.

New HomeEnergy savings

Due to age and past construction requirements, existing homes have higher operational and utility costs. Many new homes are now built to meet a specific HERS score for energy savings, while only a few National Builders, like Beazer Homes, go to extra lengths to construct 100% of their homes to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. These new homes are inspected, tested, and verified to ensure that the home meets the requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), helping you to conserve energy, and money.


When buying a preexisting home, you get what you see. You can’t change or personalize the home design or layout unless you’re willing to invest additional funds into thehome after buying it. Most new home builders have options available that allow you to have the home constructed to meet your needs and design tastes.

Community amenities

New construction communities will usually offer a multitude of brand new amenities for your family to enjoy. Existing communities may offer amenities as well, however the condition may not be as pristine as those in new construction communities.

If these factors are important to you in your next home purchase, you may want to consider buying a brand new home rather than a preexisting one.

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