Storage in San Antonio

storage in san antonioIf you recently moved to San Antonio, Texas or your considering doing so, you’re not alone. San Antonio is an increasingly popular city for recent college graduates or anyone looking to relocate for a job. The city offers a variety of living options at different price ranges, but if you’d like to downsize your home and save some money you should consider using storage in San Antonio.

Do you need self-storage?

Moving out is a good time to purge the belongings you don’t need or want. However, it’s very likely that when trying to do this you will end up with a pile of things you can’t bring yourself to lose, but you also know you don’t use often enough to make space for in your new home. This can be an exercise machine, a sowing machine or just boxes full of knit knacks. If this is the case, you need a self-storage unit. Consider what you’re storing and how much room you need before deciding on a unit. You can rent anything from a small closet size room to a garage-like temperature controlled unit.

Pack carefully

If you plan on getting in and out of your unit with ease you can’t jam-pack it without thinking. For larger units make sure to leave an open isle that give you access to the back and always store the boxes you need to get into close to the door. Remember to label your boxes beforehand and store like-items together.


Make sure to verify all of the fees beforehand. Ask about additional fees for extended access or climate control. Take advantage of the free month of storage that comes with the one way rentals. This is an especially good offer if you moved before securing a home and need to store all of your belongings while you continue the search.

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