Gifts for High School Graduates

The beginning of the rest of your graduate’s life not only starts the day after their graduation ceremony but can even begin way before or months later, depending on what your graduate has planned in their next life chapter. We have some gift ideas in mind to help them celebrate their new journey!

Gifts for High School Graduates 1As a few seniors have often joked, “all I want for graduation is a U-Haul truck,” actually may not be a “bad” idea. Especially, if they next step is going to be college. Why not equip them with part of their moving essentials? Also a few other moving gift ideas for your graduate can be moving supplies like boxes, packing tape, moving help or even if you’re not exactly sure what to get them, why not a VIP gift certificate? A VIP gift certificate can be used to spend on whatever they choose to help with their move. After all, this would be one part of their moving plans they’ll ultimately be thankful for in the long run.

College Prep

If your graduate already has the moving portion planned out, a few more ideas can be to help them prepare would be a gift basket of essentials they can use for their dorm or apartment. Such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish rack, dish washing bin, dish towels, etc. Other ideas can be a gift basket of every day uses, such as deodorant, cotton swabs, lint roller, and so much more.

Gifts for High School GraduatesTransportation

A great gift idea can be a vehicle. Especially if your graduate will be commuting far from school or maybe even help get to work. Another idea is a bike. Larger Universities and college campuses you can see lots of students commuting from class to class, class to dorm or within the neighborhood. Give your graduate the gift that can get them to where they need to be. If they already have a bike AND a car, getting them a bike rack for their car might be cool, too.

Electronic Gadgets

We all now that in this day and age, having the latest and up to date technology is key. When it comes to your graduates studying as a college student, having enough storage on their USB, extra hard drives or enough gigabytes on their tablets/laptops will definitely help during exams, projects, etc. Another electronic gift that comes to mind could even be a mini fridge for snacks or perhaps a small television to ease the mind off of studying.

More ideas

Gifts for High School Graduates - Engraved PensAs the commencement ceremony approaches, you can never go wrong with providing your graduate the tools for their college life or work life. Such as a gift cards to their favorite place to dine or shop, personalized engraved pens, journals, planners and of course many congratulations because all their hard work has just paid off! Congratulations to your graduate! This additional blog post can provide more graduation gift ideas.


Do you have a soon-to-be graduate? What gift ideas are you planning to provide your graduate? Share in the comment section below.