How to Avoid Unpacking Procrastination

After you’ve managed to make it to your new home and have successfully completed your move, binge watching your favorite movies or TV shows on the couch sounds like the best idea ever. You just lugged all your boxes from your moving truck into your new place, and going through the effort of unpacking them does not sound appealing. Unfortunately, you can’t put this task off forever — you sort of need all of those belongings you put that moving effort into. So how do you avoid your unpacking procrastination and get down to business?

1) Create an Unpacking Timelineunpacking

Decide exactly what you’re going to unpack and when. Create a schedule for yourself and make sure to add organization to your plan — unpacking things and leaving them on the floor does no one any good.

2) Break Up The Work

Split up your tasks by choosing rooms to unpack and taking breaks in between. Maybe you get all of your bedroom boxes unpacked, go for a walk, then come back and do the kitchen. Find ways to make the tasks seem less tedious and ongoing.

3) Keep Your Computer Shut

The minute you start browsing the internet or turn Netflix on, you’re done for. Even if you tell yourself it’s a short break, you aren’t likely to get off. Finish unpacking, then enjoy your lazy time.

unpacking4) Have Friends Help

Rather than thinking of unpacking as a chore, turn it into a social activity! Play games with moving supplies during breaks and create competitions to inspire everyone to get work done. Maybe the person who unpacks the fastest or does the best job at getting things organized gets some sort of reward. You could even try doing DIY crafts with your leftover packing materials with your friends during breaks as a relaxing way of being productive.

If your friends aren’t available, consider using Moving Help Marketplace to help you get everything unpacked.

Remember, the more you put off unpacking, the more there is to be done later. Procrastinating only prolongs the inevitable!

Have you or a friend struggled with unpacking procrastination? How did you beat it? Share your stories in the comments below!