25 Tailgating Hacks You Need To Know

Tailgating is a staple at almost every sporting event from NASCAR racing to college football games.  What better reason to bring family and friends together than a sporting event? During this time of year, some of the biggest sports fans come out to support their teams and some people come out just to enjoy all the commotion and festivities. Before the big day, check out these tailgating hacks to make your game day celebration much easier:

1. Freeze water bottles and use as ice in your cooler. Drink the water after the ice melts!

2. Use a six pack holder and fill each slot with condiments (i.e. bottle of ketchup, hot sauce, bbq sauce)

3. Always bring extra essentials and make sure you know where the nearest propane refill station is.


4.  Set up a frito pie station. What’s better than tacos on game day? Tacos-to-go that you can eat with a fork.

5. Use a cupcake pan to hold cups. Pour drinks and serve them easily and efficiently.

6. Never forget your portable speaker. What’s a party without music?

7. Make it easier for your friends to find you by tying balloons in your area to set yourself apart from other tailgaters.

8. Turn chip bags into bowls and leave your dishware at home! Simply tuck the bottom of your chip bag to turn bags into bowls.

9. Get to know the neighbors tailgating around you. The more people, the merrier!


10. Use a cupcake pan to hold hot dog and burger toppings. This makes it easier and cleaner!

11. Game day can get messy. Don’t forget paper towels, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer for the various messes.

12. A portable trash bag holder will change your life when tailgating.

13. Bring a plastic organizer to house various items and prevent them from going missing.

14. Finger food is the best food. We suggest grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and also prepping bite-size appetizers before the game!

tailgating appetizers

15. Cut up burger toppings the night before tailgating and pack in a metal tin to transport easily.

16. Marinate meat a day before for optimal flavor when grilling.

17. Check the rules before preparing to tailgate. Some areas may not allow glass bottles.

18. Using grill baskets will keep your vegetables and other bbq items together.

tailgating hacks

19. Not having sunglasses and comfortable shoes can ruin anyone’s day. Dress appropriately.

20. Keep your guacamole from browning. Slice limes and place on top of the dip.

21. Play games before the big game! Bag toss is a popular one.

22. Keep your drinks cold by adding salt in your cooler after adding ice. Salt lowers the temperature of the water.

23. Check the weather. If there’s a chance of rain, bring an umbrella. If it’s going to be cold, bring a jacket. And if it’s hot, bring water bottles to stay hydrated.

24. Always have a first aid kit around in case of accidents.

25. Last but not least, don’t forget to show your support for your team with face paint, custom grill covers, and your team jersey!

Have any personal tailgating tips, tricks, or suggestions to add? Comment below and share with us!