Living with Multiple Roommates

Living with multiple roommates is not easy. Trust me, I have three. There are many reasons why you may be living with a larger number of people. Whether you’ve chosen this path for financial reasons or just wanted to live with more of your friends, here are some tips to help you survive living with multiple roommates.

living with multiple roommates

Be Vocal

With so many people around, sometimes it can be difficult to listen to what one individual is saying. If there is something you need said, make sure you are heard! If you have to be up early for work, be clear that you need things quiet at a certain time to go to bed. If you have certain groceries you don’t want to share, make sure that your roommates understand they are off limits. If for whatever reason you can’t get your point across, come to a resolution that works for you. For example, if your roommate is eating all of your food, consider a small mini fridge for your personal space.

Have a Family Mentality

Living with multiple roommates is much like a small family. Treat the situation as such. Living with multiple roommates

  • Keep everyone accountable for their portion of the chore or household work — consider a roommate contract.
  • Be straightforward with any issues you have and do what you can to keep your family happy.
  • Do group activities and errands together so people know what you are contributing financially and as a bonding activity.
  • Decorate together! Not only will this be fun but no one will be left feeling like they had no say in the appearance of their living space.
  • If you are paying for utilities, have different people set up different services. This will make it much easier to make sure people contribute their part as they will automatically be billed something. There are also great apps available to help split costs.
  • Make family style meals together — grilling is always a solid option. Not only will you save money by cooking larger portions and sharing, but they will help keep the peace. Cooking and eating together is an activity that everyone will enjoy and provides a calm atmosphere to discuss any roommate issues.

Make Time for Yourself

Spending too much time with anyone can cause tensions. Living with multiple roommates, the chances that you will have a moment to yourself while in the house go down exponentially. Make time for yourself. Your mood can make or break your living situation. If you let the stress build up, you could easily blow up on your roommates and make living with them from then on even more uncomfortable. Whatever it is that helps you, whether it’s going for a long walk by yourself or going out with other friends, stay calm so you can address any tensions in a healthy manner.

Do you live with multiple roommates? What are your tips? Share in the comments below!