Resolving to Live in a Better Atmosphere

The New Year has arrived and with it, so have everyone’s new resolutions for 2016. Some people may say they are going to exercise more in this upcoming year and others will try to be better with their finances. This year, instead of coming up with a resolution that you may or may not stick to in the long run, try resolving to live in a better atmosphere as a whole. Clean up your home, make sure you are happy in the location you are in and make any necessary life changes that will help 2016 be a better year.

resolving to live in a better atmosphere

Resolving to live in a better home

Where you live makes a big difference in your mood and overall lifestyle. If you aren’t completely happy where you live, change that! Think about what it is that could be improved and whether your solution is to move, remodel, redecorate, or simply clean house and organize.

New year, new homeresolving to live in a better atmosphere

There are many reasons why moving to a new home could be the right decision for you this new year. If your issue is that you live too far away from where you work or loved ones you wish to see more often, you will likely want to relocate. The same goes for if you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have the right walkability or amenities that you enjoy having nearby. If it’s less of a location issue and simply that your home isn’t working quite as it should anymore, you might need a remodel. Replace outdated appliances and perhaps make the conversion to a more sustainable way of living with eco-friendly products. This is also a great time to reassess if the rooms you have fit your needs. If you are thinking of having kids in the future, maybe this is the time to turn that home office into a nursery. Check out more tips on deciding to move or renovate.

New year, cleaner home

So okay, moving isn’t always the option. Your couch may have a funny looking stain on it but that doesn’t mean that getting a new house is the right solution to that problem. If you’re anything like me, having a change of pace and a cleaner home makes you feel so much more comfortable and even happier. Your items don’t have to be broken, but if your home doesn’t match who you are, find some more colorful artwork to put on the walls, grab some fresh flowers and maybe even replace that old carpet you have. Redecorating a home can bring a completely new life to it and make it a totally different place. On a less drastic note, maybe all you really need to do is some deep cleaning. A big part of resolving to live in a better atmosphere is living in a more organized space. Check out these easy tips on cleaning for the new year.

resolving to live in a better atmosphereResolving to live a healthier lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can mean two different things: The one being the more literal meaning of health, resolving to eat better an exercise more. The other is resolving to be happier and take care of your mental health. Both of these are equally important. Take time for yourself as needed, treating yourself to a spa day to relax every once in a while if you need or simply staying home and enjoying a movie marathon. Make sure you spend time with the people in your life who make you happy and cut out the ones who are more toxic influences. Just like a new home could be the change you need in your life, if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living, consider looking for a new job. At the same time, being physically healthy can do a lot for your mental health as well. Certain foods are not only good for you but can boost your mood just as exercise is well known to help you stay happier. Get outside and be active this year!

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Share with us in the comments below!