Get the Most Out of Self-Storage

Self-StorageSelf-storage units come in many shapes and sizes. Self-storage facilities often have features and services that tenants can take advantage of. Storage locations offer tenants a safe and secure place to store items. Belongings will be protected from the elements and from outsiders, but did you know there are other features self-storage offers? When renting a storage unit, learn about the benefits of renting. Yes, you’ll have more space at home, but did you know you can purchase supplies, insure your items, and even have packages delivered to the storage location? Learn about the facility you’ll be storing at to get the most out of self-storage.

Moving Supplies

Boxes, moving tape, and packing peanuts, oh my! You’ve selected your self-storage facility and now you need to pack. A great feature that most facilities offer is selling moving supplies. Eliminate a trip to a different store and save time. Sign your rental contact and pick up moving supplies all at the same time!


Accidents happen, make sure you’re covered for them. Insuring your items while they are stored is a smart choice. Protect your belongings in the event of fire, theft, and leaking water, – to name a few. Homeowners and renters insurance does not always cover items that are in storage units. To make life easier, many self-storage facilities offer insurance. Storage insurance gives renters peace of mind in case of an accident. Read up on your insurance policies to see if you’re covered. If not, make sure to purchase insurance at the storage facility.

Self-storage facility accept deliveriesDelivery Acceptance

This is a special feature that is also a big convenience! If you have a special package being delivered and no one at home to bring the delivery inside, U-Haul self-storage locations offer delivery acceptance. Once the package is delivered it will be held in a locked closet until you come to pick it up. This feature is great for businesses. Retail stores that have inventory deliveries can rest easy knowing their items have been delivered.  Also, pharmaceutical sales representatives can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their that samples are safely locked away. Check if the self-storage facility allows for delivery acceptance.

Online Access

Have control over your storage unit in the palm of your hand or at your desk! With online access, you can log on and monitor your account at any time! Online access includes making payments, controlling access to your storage unit, communicating with your facility manager, checking your payment history and printing online receipts. This is great for tenants who travel frequently or only spend part of the year where their storage unit is located. Not only that, but it saves you time by reducing the number of trips you need to make to your storage facility – free time is invaluable.

What do you do to make the most out our self-storage? Share it with us in comments below!