How to Store Your Boat

How to Store Your Boat

Keeping your boat in pristine condition in between trips to the lake is crucial to the longevity of your watercraft. A storage unit just might be your safest bet, as it is climate-controlled and easy to access once you need to set sail!

Whether you are preparing your boat for winter weather or simply keeping it out of the harsh sun until you take the boat for a spin again, a self-storage unit will put your worries at bay.


You’ll first want to clean out all the gears and crannies in the boat to ensure a dry, sanitary storage experience. You may want to consider removing any electronic parts in the boat, including the battery, and storing them with the boat–but keep them detached until you are ready to go for a boat ride. That’s why a storage unit is perfect for boat protection: these electronic bits need to stay in a moisture-free, climate-controlled area for maximum safeguarding.

Cover up

Purchasing a cover when storing your boat is also a smart idea if you want extra coverage. Much like human skin peels or cracks from overexposure to sunlight, a boat’s paint can sustain cracks and chipping if left in the full elements. It will also be protected from grime, dust, moisture and stray scratches that will prematurely weather your boat.

Prep for storage

There is another set of items on the to-do list when storing your boat for the winter, including replenishing the coolant, spraying engine fogging oil, filling up the gas tank, applying waterproof grease to the steering mechanism, giving it a thorough outer wash and wax will prep it for colder temperatures! As for the interior, aside from removing electronic pieces, it’s always a good idea to remove materials such as leather, canvas or other fabrics when you are ready to store the boat. These can sustain mold or mildew if any moisture creeps in (but a climate-controlled storage room would prevent this kind of damage). Sealing the exhaust ports with tape is another important step that will prevent pests from sneaking aboard during storage.

Rent a storage unit

Keeping your boat in storage until the summer months roll around is a wise way to keep your boat as long as you possibly can. A storage unit with U-Haul would make it incredibly easy for you to control your rented space right from your mobile device or computer–whether it’s communicating with your facility manager, making payments, controlling room access or checking payment receipt history.

Most U-Haul storage units are able to fit boats, motorcycles and smaller cars. To check if your facility has room for your boat or another vehicle, contact the storage center nearest to you!

Costly wear-and-tear on your watercraft can be easily prevented by taking proper measures for safe storage. Whether you’re a fishing aficionado or someone who simply appreciates a leisurely boat ride with friends, taking good care of your boat and storing your boat will keep the fun rolling! Happy sailing!

(Flickr: Susanne Nilsson / via cc)

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