What to Expect on College Move-Out

What to Expect on College Move-out

The college years come with so many descriptors: life-changing, fun, wild, challenging, with perhaps a few disappointments or unexpected twists thrown in for good measure. But carrying out a successful successful college move-out process might bring even more surprises–so follow these notes on what to expect when it’s time to move out of your dorm and into the real world.

What to Expect on College Move-OutTraffic

Everyone will be packing up and moving out around the same time, so plan accordingly with traffic and parking–particularly if you have rented a moving truck, cargo van or a trailer. Arriving early at the college move-out location is a smart way to ensure it’ll be a quick trip back and forth from dorm to truck. There could be long waits at the elevator in your building, so consider enlisting the help of a utility dolly so you don’t strain your muscles.

What to Expect on College Move-OutTears

Sure, you’re expecting to leave your college dorm or apartment stoic, unscathed, proud to be graduating, ready for whatever comes next. Saying your goodbyes to friends, though, and packing up your room, you might feel some liquid running down your cheek. That’s completely normal. Some of the best and most socially and academically rewarding years of your life so far are coming to a halt, and it’s important to take time to reflect, spend quality time with college friends, and look forward to life’s upcoming adventures!

What to Expect on College Move-OutHeavy boxes

The last thing you want on moving day is to sustain a back injury. If you pack your boxes and decide it’s too much to carry solo, hire moving help so that you can relax and avoid muscle strains on college move-out day. Be sure to cover breakables with bubble wrap and secure them with packing peanuts in case anything shifts during the drive back home. If you brought a TV with you to school, pack it inside a specialty TV box. A utility dolly will also help haul your heavier items down to your rented truck, trailer or van. If you have a mattress to carry, use forearm forklift straps to avoid throwing out your back.

What to Expect on College Move-OutHeat

After the spring semester, summer is already very well underway–and excessive heat can damage both your body and the items you are transporting. It’s crucial that you drink plenty of water and take breaks when needed. As for heat-sensitive items, place them in an insulated fridge pouch to keep them cool during the college move-out process. Whether you’re cleaning out the freezer of your beloved frozen dinners that got you through each semester, or items like shaving cream that don’t fare well with heat, this cooling bag will keep your sensitive items safe. If you have furniture or boxes you want to keep safe and cool after move-out that you won’t need until down the road, rent out a climate-controlled self-storage unit. If you are planning on moving somewhere after you move back home, you can use a U-Box moving container to store your items until they need to be shipped to your next destination.

Whether you’re sharing the enthusiasm of Billy Joel while moving out or listening to Adele on your way back home, college move-out brings surprises that will be better faced with some simple preparedness!

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