Moving Tips for College Grads

Four years of college have passed in the blink of an eye and suddenly your undergrad journey closes as you walk across the stage, throw your cap in the air, and say “I did it!” If you had a dollar for every time someone asked you your plans after graduation, you would not be frantically looking to enter the workforce. Looking for a job, going to graduate school, moving home or to a new location are all options every graduate considers. Transitioning from dorm living to the real world can be intimidating for college grads, but with these alumni moving tips, the passage to full-fledged adulthood can be smooth sailing.

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Did you know that 1/3 of all people in their 20s move in a given year? So whether your post-grad plans are temporary or your 5 year plan unfolded, keep in mind there are many options to consider and if one doesn’t fit you well then do not feel stuck with it.

 Moving Home

Moving Tips for College Grads 1Would you have ever guessed that after you moved out of your childhood home you would be moving back after graduation? It may not be an ideal situation for many college grads, but there are options that may call for you to move in with mom and dad and claim your room back.

Moving home is a good way to save money while you are on the job hunt. Sometimes it takes time to get into a career after completing your degree. Keep in mind that you need to stay on course and not become too comfortable. Moving home should be temporary and last for about 3 months.


  • Place the majority of your items into self-storage. There is no need to bring everything but the kitchen sink to your parents’ house and have all your things lying around. Space will be limited so storing your items will save you both time and money in the long run. Take only what you need and leave the rest behind until you move.
  • Having your car is a must, especially if you are moving back in with your parents. Consider getting a hitch to tow a trailer full of your belongings while transporting your vehicle at the same time.
  • When temporarily living with your parents contribute to expenses, whether it be paying part of the rent or a utility. This will not only show your parents that you know responsibilities, but the pattern of paying will help you translate easier to your new place. Remember– comfort is your enemy!
  • Job hunting should be your full-time job at home. Do not spend your new found free time being unproductive and binge watching. Finding a job is the first step to moving back out of your parents’ house. You may struggle to find your dream job right out of college, but keep in mind that you should be open to taking any job in your desired field to build experience and earn money.

Moving Off-Campus

Moving Tips for College Grads _resizeIf you have fallen in love with your college town and want to make it your home, leave student housing behind for your own home or apartment. Maybe you’re moving out of a shared dorm or a small studio apartment, but in town moves can be a breeze with the proper equipment and execution.

Grad school is a route that many graduates take to further their education, and most institutions offer limited on-campus housing options. Keep cost in mind when moving. Most if not all of the responsibility falls on the student, and loans and scholarships are dedicated to the cost of attending alone. A DIY move will help keep the moving costs low and affordable.


  • When getting your own place, make sure you live within your means. Living expenses should be worth 1/3 of your monthly income. In dorm living many utilities such as cable, internet, electricity, and water are all included. In the real world, these all come at an extra fee so be sure to include the prices of each on top of your rent.
  • Rent a pickup truck, cargo van or 10′ truck, when you’re completing a small move. This will be perfect to maneuver through a college town to your new home.
  • The stress of moving alone can be overwhelming, but mixing it with adulting can be a daunting task. Avoid the frustration by getting some moving help… literally. Your trusted moving helpers will handle all things physical in your move and do the heavy lifting. It is as simple as going online, entering your address, the time and the date preferred!
  • Saying in your college town may prompt you to stay in your college ways. Entering the real world means you can no longer stay out all night partying when you have to work Monday through Friday from 8-5. Keep your priorities in check and don’t fall into your old, undergrad patterns.

Moving for a Job

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If you have landed a job someplace other than your hometown or college town, moving to a new city can bring new experiences and opportunity. As soon as you get your job, it is important to plan ahead according to your start date. Give yourself enough time to fully move in and settle down before you start your new career.


  • Reserve your moving truck with the desired dates, pickup and drop off locations, and times to stay on schedule.
  • If your destination is out of driving range, consider using U-Box moving containers or Collegeboxes to ship your belongings to your location.
  • Some companies have corporate accounts that offer employees relocation packages to meet your moving needs. Ask your new job if they have any options available, and if so, you may receive an allocated amount to spend and assist you with your move. Money is tight and some employees are willing to invest in you since you are investing in their company.
  • Network with co-workers or family members to find friends in your new city to avoid feeling homesick. It is nice to have a support system in a new place when starting over because adulting can be full of emotions.

Do Not Forget College Grads…

Moving Tips for College Grads _4Now that you have closed the chapter of undergrad, it is time to get rid of the materials that kept you up all night long– textbooks. These new paperweights are heavy and can be an added burden when moving. Lighten the load before you even begin packing and get rid of your dreaded textbooks. Most college bookstores will buy back your books, and if not you can sell them online or donate to your local library. Also, underclassmen in your major are a good resource to give or sell books too.

Do you have any moving tips for college grads? Share with us your experiences in the comment section below!