5 Types of Roommates

There are many different types of roommates you could be paired with when you go off to college. Say goodbye to your parents and the comforts of your childhood home and hello to the confines of college living. Whether you are moving into a snug dorm room or an on-campus apartment, it is likely you’ll have a roommate to share it with– for better or worse.

Which of The 5 Types of Roommates Will You Get?

There are many different people, all with their own personality traits and hobbies, but 5 of them are more common than the rest. This makes it more likely that you’ll encounter one of these 5 types of roommates when you move into your new dorm or nearby apartment. Roomie, I’m home!

5 Types of Roommates

The Party Animal

5 Types of Roommates

Does your roommate think Tuesday night is the same as Friday night? Well, let us introduce you to the party animal. For many, college is the first taste of freedom, and some take full advantage of that– a little too much. These types of roommates will often come stumbling into your dorm late, have random get-togethers without warning, and are loud no matter what time of the night it is. Word of advice– Set boundaries with your roommate. If it is a school night and they are going to be coming home late suggest they stay at a friend’s.

The Moocher

5 Types of Roommates

Do you consider yourself a nice and generous person– wait until you live with this roommate. What started off as an occasional favor for some noodles, for example, turns into your food and supplies magically disappearing. Magical elves are not sneaking into your room while you sleep, it is these types of roommates. Word of advice– Be sure to communicate to your roommate what is off-limits and yours. You can even label what is yours in the fridge or bathroom to avoid confusion.

The Passive-Aggressive

5 Types of Roommates

If you come back to your dorm room to find sticky notes with reminders, you have identified the passive-aggressive types of roommates. The friendly reminders may be concluded with a smiley face but trust that your roomie was not smiling while writing it. You may think everything is fine and dandy when in all actuality, your roommate is bottling in their issues with you until they explode. To them, little notes are a way to avoid confrontation and creating bigger issues. Word of advice– Communication is key but be sure to do so in a non-confrontational way.


The Slob Or Clean Freak

5 Types of Roommates

Mom is no longer here to clean up after your mess, so both hygiene and cleanliness are important when living with someone else. Although somewhere in the middle is preferred on the tidiness scale, you could possibly have a roommate on one extreme– the slob or the clean freak.

The pile of dirty clothes, unwashed dishes, and tousled bed may greet your nose and eyes before your roommate. Their side of the area or room can look however they please but once the chaos flows into the common area, it is a problem. On the other hand, the clean freak does not have one hair out of place. Their bed is always made, everything is organized and color-coded, and there is no sight of dust. You may think you lucked out with this roommate at first, but you will soon realize it is hard to keep up with their high standards. Word of advice– In either situation, make sure to keep your things on your side of the room and pick up after yourself. If you tend to be a little messy make sure not to subject your roommate to your habits.

The Romantic

Romantic Roommate

Are your roommate and their significant other, or fling, inseparable? Meet the romantic types of roommates. They are never alone and will leave you feeling like you have an additional roomie. The romantic and their companion will occupy the living spaces you share and do whatever flings do. This can get increasingly awkward and uncomfortable especially if you guys share a room. Word of advice– Have a talk with your roommate and let them know that you would appreciate a heads up when they are expecting company. In the event that they do, get to know someone with a futon you can occupy for the time being.

Easy Moving For All 5 Types of Roommates

Getting a college roommate is like the luck of the draw and you never know who you are going to get.
No matter which type of roommate you get, keep in mind you can make it work and create a new friendship in the process. Keep an open mind and be ready to compromise.

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