Using U-Box® Containers for an Emergency Move

Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency Move

Life happens sometimes. Some things happen quickly and you aren’t always in control. Maybe a relative has called and explained that someone in your family is elderly, sick or injured and you need to get things moved ASAP. Maybe you or someone you know has had the unfortunate luck of living in an area that has been struck by a natural disaster. An emergency move could just mean needing to move out of your house quickly after its been sold or needing to quickly move out of a college apartment. If you think about it, any move that needs to be done quickly that you weren’t necessarily expecting is an emergency move. Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an emergency move can allow you to quickly pack up your things, place them in temporary storage and relocate to anywhere else they may be needed. With 3 delivery methods, U-Box containers work around your schedule. Additionally,  Moving Help® can be added to any of these methods to help you pack everything up more efficiently and speed up the process.

Natural Disasters

Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency MoveHaving your home struck by a flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake can be a devastating shock. In these events, families generally need to pack up all of their belongings quickly and move them into a temporary storage location while their homes are being repaired or while they are temporarily relocated elsewhere. U-Box containers make this a little bit easier allowing you to keep your belongings away from any damages while repairs are being done or have the U-Box container shipped to another location that is more convenient to you. As a way to support the victims of many of these events, some U-Haul stores will temporarily offer 30 free days of U-Box Portable Storage to victims living in select locations that need it most.


Family Emergencies

Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency Move In times of crisis, many families find it best to stick close together. For this reason, at times when someone is elderly, sick, injured or there has been a death in the family, relatives will temporarily move in to help care for their loved ones or have their loved ones move in with them. If a death in the family has occurred, it is also likely that you will need to have items that belonged to your relative moved out of their home. With convenient options like home delivery and Moving Help®, you can move quickly, providing you with the extra time needed to take care of any family related business. Whether this simply means having more time available to talk on the phone with loved ones, time to get documents and filed together or added time to travel and get to your family’s side faster, U-Box containers will make your move one less thing to worry about.


Selling your House

Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency MoveSo you’ve sold your house! As exciting as that news is, now you need to get your things out. If you aren’t quite ready to move things into your new place, the temporary storage options U-Box containers offer allow you to keep your things at a U-Haul store until you’re ready. From there, they can be relocated to your new home or a U-Haul store that is more convenient for you. If you are all ready to move in, you can have you can pack your U-Box container up in your old driveway and have it delivered straight to your new place!


College Apartment

Using U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency MoveThere a lot of reasons why you might be moving out of your college apartment quicker than expected. This could be roommate issues, transferring schools or it could be a new post-grad job you’ve been offered! Whatever the case may be, U-Box containers allow you to pack up either at a U-Haul store or at your complex and have your belongings relocated quickly. If have not yet found a new apartment, you can easily store your U-Box container at a U-Haul store until you’re ready. If you are moving in-state, you can easily tow your belongings to your new apartment yourself. If moving further, have your U-Box shipped to your new home!

Benefits of Using U-Box Moving and Storage Containers for an Emergency Move

  • ConvenienceU-Box containers allow you to save time, money and peace of mind while moving, getting everything done on your schedule, which is exactly the type of moving solution you need in the midst of a crisis situation. With the 3 delivery options and Moving Help add-on options, you control how you want your items stored or moved and every step along the way.
  • Flexibility – During an emergency, you don’t have the time or patience to do things on someone else’s schedule. U-Box containers are can be stored for as short or as long as you need them. Additionally, you have the options of keeping stored them at your home, at a U-Haul Store or transported elsewhere.
  • Security – U-Box containers have weather-resistant covers to keep even the most precious family keepsakes inside safe and sound. While stored, they are kept in secure warehouses until a customer needs to access their U-Box container. There are also coverage options available to ensure that, if on the off chance something does happen to your belongings, they insured.

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