Why You Need Furniture Pads For Your Move

Of course from the name you know that furniture pads can be used with furniture. What many don’t know, however, is that there are a lot of other ways furniture pads can be used for your move. Available for rental or purchase, furniture pads are a definite must-have when it comes to moving. Bonus: You don’t have to feel guilty when using them. Furniture pads are a sustainable product, made from recycled denim and are re-usable. Here are some key reasons why you need furniture pads for your move:
Why You Need Furniture Pads For Your Move

Cover Large or Oddly Shaped Items in Furniture Pads

The most well known and still very much relevant use for furniture pads is to cover large or oddly shaped items. Each Furniture pad has a dimension of 68″ x 85″, making them large enough to cover most furniture, appliances or other items that need protection. Keep in place by wrapping in movers wrap, also allowing you to layer multiple pads if needed. The furniture pad will prevent any nicks, scratches or other damage to your belongings as you move. Additionally, the furniture pads will help prevent your cargo from dirt or grime.

Prevent Items from Shifting on Moving Day

When loading your moving truck, trailer, U-Box® Moving and Storage Container, cargo van or other rentals, use furniture pads to fill in gaps between boxes. This will prevent items from shifting and potentially falling on moving day. Additionally, use tie-down rope and tie off tiers to secure your cargo in place.Why You Need Furniture Pads For Your Move

Protect Items Inside Boxes

Let’s face it, when packing up vases, electronics or other such items, your box isn’t likely to be fully packed. This leftover space in your box could allow items to move around and adds the potential for damage. To keep items more snug and secure, wrap them in a furniture pad before packing them in their boxes. You can also choose to stuff a furniture pad in at the end after items have been placed in their boxes and fill in gaps that way.

Move Large, Heavy Items

Give your arms a bit of a break. Lay a furniture pad on hardwood floors or tiles to slide large, heavy items like furniture across the floor. Unfortunately, this trick is indoors only so once you get to your doorway you will need to actually carry your couch. Trust me, your arms will thank you for the little bit of rest they received.Why You Need Furniture Pads For Your Move

Keep Floors Clean

Lay furniture pads on carpeting to help keep them clean during your move. As you walk in and out of the house loading items, your shoes and dolly are sure to track up some dirt. Furniture pads are soft, durable and washable so you can get them as dirty as you please just to wash and reuse.

How have you used furniture pads for your move? Share with us in the comments below!