Nine Reasons to Use Self-Storage During College

Self-Storage During College

Self-Storage is useful during college, especially while in a dorm room or small apartment. Typically, you are sharing a small space with other people and have no extra room. When you have limited space available, you realize the value of your belongings and do not want to get rid of important things. You also move more in college than any other time period of your life so you become aware of exactly how much stuff you have and what you need. Self-storage provides a place for you to keep your belongings that do not fit in your small space or belongings you don’t want to give away. You can also store your items between semesters so you don’t need to move them home.

During the Semester

1. A Small Closet Won’t Do: Most college dorms have a very small closet. While in college, you need to store a lot in your closet. Seasonal changes in both semesters mean two season’s worth of clothes; then you have your school books, yoga mat, and all your techie items. A small closet can’t hold everything you may need. Self-storage gives you room to keep extra clothes and change them out for the seasons.

2. Keep Valuable Items Secure: When sharing a dorm room, you never have complete control of who is in your space or around your things. Keeping valuable items in a self-storage unit will keep your things safe.

3. Seasonal Sports Items: If you enjoy sports, a self-storage unit is perfect for you! Keep your skis, snowboard, golf clubs, bike, and any other sporting goods somewhere you can easily get to when you are ready to use them. No need to keep them in an already tight space when they will only be used sporadically.

Self-Storage during college

Between Semesters

4. Save Time: After your last final, the first thing you want to do is get on with your summer! Whether you are going home to your family or heading on vacation, you can get there sooner when you do not need to travel with your belongings. When you store your belongings over the summer you are only one plane ride away.

5. Save Money: Moving expenses add up and during college, you may be moving many times in a short time period. When you know that you will be back in a couple of months, it may be more cost effective to store your items near campus.

6. Irresponsible Roommate: If your roommate is staying in town for the summer, it may seem like a great idea to leave your items in your apartment or dorm. If you can’t ensure your items will be safe, a self-storage unit might be the safest place for your things.

7. Study Abroad: If you decide to study abroad a self-storage unit is a great place to leave your things. They will stay secure until you come back to school.

8. Save Your Parents: Save them time, money, space and back pains! Store your items and get some friends to help you move your items to a self-storage. This way your parents do not need to travel to your campus to help you move or pay for moving equipment. With self-storage, they also do not need to find space in their home for your things.

9. Transitioning to a New Job: Graduates may be applying and interviewing for a new job in other cities. Place your things in a self-storage unit while you find a job after graduation.

self-storage during college

What to Look for in a Storage Facility During College

  • Varying Sizes: Pick the size self-storage unit that fits your needs. Sizes start as small as lockers and go up to large units that you can share with roommates or friends.
  • 24/7 Access: Many U-Haul Self-Storage facilities offer 24/7 access or extended hours making it easy to get what you need when you need it. If you decide you need to grab the perfect dress for a sorority theme night or your snowboard for a last-minute trip to the mountains, you can grab it from your self-storage unit on your own time frame.
  • Security: Gated Perimeters, keypad access, and 24-hr video surveillance are all security features offered at U-Haul facilities, ensuring your things stay safe.
  • Online Account Management: Managing your account online makes it easy for you or your parents to pay your monthly bill.
  • Month-to-Month: You decide when you no longer need self-storage based on your school schedule. This makes it easy to use whenever you need it.

Make your time at college and in between college semesters easier with self-storage. Whether you need to expand your dorm closet, find somewhere for your sporting equipment or store your things between semesters, U-Haul Self-Storage facilities can be the perfect solution for you.

What was your storage space like during college? Share in the comments.