Things to do With Your Trailer This Summer

Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and trying new things. Whether you’re going on a camping trip with your closest friends or planning a DIY landscaping project, a trailer can be very beneficial.  Here are some things to do with a trailer this summer!


Summer season is also moving season. Why not make your move with a U-Haul Trailer? U-Haul offers many trailer sizes perfect for smaller moves. So, whether you are a college student, young professional, or just a minimalist, a trailer is exactly what you’ll need. Renting a U-Haul trailer is also an affordable solution for your moving needs. With cargo and utility trailers starting at $14.95 you can find a low-cost option for most moves.

Transport Things to Storage

Now that Summer is here it’s time to take out all your gear for your outdoor activities and store away anything that reminds you of winter! A trailer will help reduce the number of trips you’ll have to make to and from your house. Here’s a list of things you should be taking out for the summer and what to put away.

Removing from Storage Unit

  • Summer clothing – If you have a small closet rotate your out of season clothing and put them in a storage unit.
  • Lawn equipment – Time to bust out those rakes and lawnmowers again to keep your yard looking great.
  • Sporting Goods Equipment – Bring out your surfboards, bodyboards, boogie boards, skateboards, kneeboards, life jackets, wetsuits, snorkeling gear, pools, pool floats, bikes, bike racks and much more to get the most use during the summer months.
  • Small vehicles – ATV and Motorcycles are always fun during the summer.
  • RVs, Boats and Pop-up Trailers – You may have had these in vehicle storage, but the season is here to get all of your toys back in action.

Moving to your Storage Unit

  • Winter Sporting Gear – Skies, poles, snowboards, sleds, helmets, goggles, and boots. You won’t have a use for these during the summer.
  • Winter clothing – You need to make room for all your summer clothing you’re bringing from your storage unit. Winter jackets, coats, hoodies, and beanies can all be put away.
  • Snow Maintenance equipment- Finally a break from shoveling all that snow all winter. Put away your snow shovels and snow sidewalk sweepers they and you deserve a break.


Camping and summer go together better than peanut butter and jelly and a trailer only makes that combo stronger. Camping is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, but camping vets know that it takes a lot of equipment. Trailers will help you fit everything you need to bring on your trip. A 4×8 Cargo Trailer is perfect for Family camping. This trailer can tow sporting goods, tents, hiking gear, luggage and more. They’re easy to tow and perfect for a small or midsize car. For more tips on how a trailer can make your next camping trip more memorable click here


Are you thinking about adding landscape lights to your walkway this summer? What about planting a garden or cleaning up your yard? Summer is a great season to knock out all these landscaping projects you’ve been putting off. But how will you transport all the supplies you’ll need? A trailer is perfect for tackling all these projects. There are many options when choosing a trailer, however, utility trailer is popular for hauling landscaping materials. Whether loading tall plants, lawn equipment, plywood, stone for a walkway, wheelbarrows, dozens of flowers, mulch or all the makings of a water fountain, renting the perfect size utility trailer will help make moving the materials to their destination a smooth ride.

You can also use your trailer for cleaning up your yard. Pruning your trees, shrubs, or bushes are vital to keeping your yard looking in tip-top shape. But once you finish pruning your trees you’re going to need to clear them out of your yard. You can dispose of yard debris, branches, leaves and more with a trailer. No matter which utility trailer you choose, always remember to load the trailer with at least 60 percent of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer and 40 percent in the back half.

DIY Projects

Trailers are great for many projects beyond just landscaping. They can be very helpful for any DIY projects around the house. A trailer will reduce the number of trips you’ll need to take to the hardware store meaning you’ll finish your project in no time. Here are a few DIY projects to do this summer.

  • Build a deck for your backyard.
  • Build a patio to entertain guests.
  • Furniture restoration.
  • Kitchen or bathroom renovations.

A trailer will be your perfect partner this summer to get all your chores done and also let you have a great time. We hope you enjoy your summer!

How else would you use a trailer this summer? Tell us below!