5 Trailer Hitch Uses

Jan 11, 2019

Whether you have a vehicle with a trailer hitch already installed or are thinking about getting one installed, the variety of uses for your hitch will amaze you. From towing a trailer on a college move, to first home, to hauling DIY projects, a hitch on your vehicle will expand its capabilities and will enable you to get the job done. A trailer hitch is a wise investment because its use isn’t limited to just one event, but a lifetime full of them. Here are five different trailer hitch uses for you.

5 Trailer Hitch Uses


Often, one of the first times people tow a trailer is when they are moving to college. Facts are, millions of students in the United States move into a dorm on campus or into a nearby apartment when school starts and need an economical way to move their stuff. A cargo trailer makes hauling everything you need to furnish your new place easy and lets you drive your personal vehicle at the same time. Having a trailer hitch installed as a freshman will make multiple trailer moves extra affordable (into the dorm each fall and out each summer), as you advance towards your degree. A rental trailer is available when you need it and easy to tow behind any vehicle. All size moves are possible with cargo trailers available in three different sizes: 4’x8’, 5’x8’, and 6’x12’. Enclosed trailers are lockable with your own padlock to protect your belongings along the way and keep them covered in bad weather.  Whether it’s moving in or out of college, we’ve got you covered with a cargo trailer!

5 Trailer Hitch Uses

Moving into a New Home

Whether it’s your first home or third, moving into a new home is an exciting time. With your trailer hitch, you can do-it-yourself using a cargo trailer, which is ideal for many household moves.

For a small move, such as an apartment or condo:

  • We recommend using our 4’x8’ or 5’x8’cargo trailer
  • These sizes will allow enough room to hold items such as a bed, couch, boxes, and more

For a larger move, such as a house:

  • We recommend our 6’x12’ trailer which can hold up to 2,500 lbs.

Maybe your new home is in a new city! These trailers can be rented one way or roundtrip. Dropping off your trailer at a nearby neighborhood dealer is a convenience that pays for itself in time, fuel and energy.

5 Trailer Hitch Uses

Hauling for Hobbies

If your hobbies include project cars, motorcycles, golf cars, or side-by-side UTVs, then your journey calls for a hitch and a trailer.

Project Cars

Whether you’re about to head to your next car show or you just found your next car project, the auto transport vehicle trailer can haul it for you. This trailer is ideal for traveling short or long distances and can tow up to 5,290 lbs.


Need to take your motorcycle to the shop? A motorcycle trailer is affordable, lightweight, and easy to tow. It includes heavy-duty-tie-down rings to make sure your bike isn’t going anywhere but to the shop.

Golf Cars/UTVs

If you own a golf car or UTV, there may come a time when you’ll need to haul it. A 5’x9’ utility trailer makes for an easy tow. It also comes with a ramp, allowing an easy loading and unloading process. This model trailer is also available for one-way moves!

5 Trailer Hitch Uses

Hauling Large Items

Another trailer hitch use includes DIY, remodeling, and craft show projects.

DIY Projects

Maybe it’s time to redo the landscape around your yard or you just bought a new lawnmower. A utility trailer is the perfect way to haul your items. This type of trailer has an open top giving you easy access and also allows you to haul awkward or taller items. Just make sure you tie your items securely to keep them from shifting during transit. Our utility trailers come in different sizes, with and without ramps: 4’x7’5’x9’ with a ramp, 6’x12’, and 6’x12’ with a ramp.  Those ramps come in handy when you want to wheel heavy objects into the trailer!


Whether you’re in the process of demolition or remodeling, a utility trailer will help make it happen. An open trailer can be used to haul demo-day pieces such as cabinets and appliances. These trailers make self-delivery of those new appliances possible so that you aren’t waiting for delivery on someone else’s schedule.

Holiday Craft Shows

Holiday craft shows happen every year and you’re going to need a way to haul your items. With a trailer hitch, you’ll be able to use a cargo trailer to transport all your home goods without the weather ruining them, as one feature of this trailer is its enclosed top. Additionally, you can lock this trailer for added security.

Antiquing/ Craigslist Hunting

Bargain shoppers know a good deal when they see it. If this sounds like you, a cargo trailer and utility trailer will be ideal for bringing your new treasure finds home. Both come in many different sizes.

5 Trailer Hitch Uses

Landscaping Projects

Open utility trailers are your best friend when you are clearing your yard, planting new plants or need to haul a pallet of pavers home. Pick one with a ramp for easy loading and unloading, especially if you expect to move materials in a wheelbarrow. Always load heavier in front and remember that building/landscaping materials are much heavier than standard household goods.

Other Uses for Hitch/Hitch Accessories


If you’re an avid biker or simply like to ride for fun, a bike rack may be what you need for your next ride. With a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle, you are equipped to install the most popular and easy to use bike racks. Or, if you have a roof bike rack, you can get a handy step to give you a boost when securing your bikes to the roof.


Need a way to transport your snow sport equipment? You can maximize your vehicle’s hauling capabilities with many optional cargo carriers that fit right in your hitch.


Whether you are planning a picnic or an overnight camping trip, you can always add extra cargo space so your passengers stay comfortable on a scenic drive. You might not need a full trailer to haul coolers and camping gear, but your hitch will allow you to use a cargo carrier. A variety of cargo carriers are available and may become your favorite accessory for fun in the outdoors. You’ll be able to carry everything you need by using your hitch to expand your cargo capacity.

With more than 1,500 locations, we can install a hitch at a location near you. A lifetime warranty plan is also guaranteed with no limitation for any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing, and vehicle theft. As you can see there are many trailer hitch uses that fit all your possible needs, but it all starts with a hitch.


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