Home Renovations Using U-Box Containers

Renovating your home can be an exciting but chaotic time. In addition to deciding what items you’ll need for your home renovations, you’ll also need to figure out where to store furniture and other household appliances for the duration of your project. Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or landscaping the backyard, you will need temporary storage for your items. This can be tricky, since you may still need access to them. If you’re looking for convenience and accessibility, reserving a U-Box container is the best option!

U-Box containers are perfect for home renovations and remodels because you can store your items on-site or at a local U-Haul location for as long as necessary. Check out the various kinds of home renovations that are ideal for a U-Box container.



Thinking of changing your flooring but not sure where or how you’re going to store all of your furniture? With a U-Box container, you can clear and store all of your belongings safely. Protect your items by having a secure U-Box container at your home or at a U-Haul facility. If you need help with lifting and moving, Moving Help© Providers can help get the job done quickly!


Whether you’re installing new kitchen cabinets or repainting your bathroom cabinets, there will be many small items that will have to be stored temporarily. Packing them in a moving box is the best option before storing it in a U-Box container. Making sure everything is kept organized and neat is the best way to make sure your home renovation project goes smoothly.



Painting the exterior of your house is a home renovation that may take some time to complete. Storing your outdoor house decorations and patio furniture will be necessary so they won’t get in the way or damaged during the project. A U-Box container can hold them so you don’t have to add extra clutter to your garage.


If you’re planning on redoing your patio or planting a garden, you’re going to have to store your lawn decorations and furniture during your renovation. Some of these items include:

  • Toys
  • Swingset
  • Bikes
  • Lawn chairs

Having a U-Box container on-site makes it easy to pack all of these items away temporarily, with access should you need something.

Are you ready for your next home renovation project? Eliminate the hassle of deciding where your belongings will be stored by reserving your U-Box container today. If you need help planning your renovation, head to www.uhaul.com/Blog for tips and tricks to help get you started.

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