Big Game Day Party

Football fans unite! Regardless of what NFL team you root for, you’re probably going to be watching the Big Game! Whether you like football or not, this special Sunday game unites people everywhere. Some are in for the sport, commercials, food or just a reason to get together with friends and family. Here are some tips for you to maximize enjoyment for your Big Game Day Party!


When it comes to parties for the Big Game, food and football go hand and hand! Traditional game day eats tend to be all-American: think wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, basically, if you can grill it, you can eat it! Here are some game day favorites. If you’re up to thinking outside of the box, spice up your menu something hot that’s easy to make for a group. Game day foods can often be meat heavy. There are many meat-free options you can use as replacements. Here are some tips and options for vegetarian dishes!


From corn on the cob to a juicy burger, the taste of off-the-grill food is just better. If you’re going to grill for the Big Game, propane is the way to go. These propane grilling tips give us the run down on how to properly cook meats and veggies. Remember, grilling accessories can be your friends. Some accessories include a meat thermometer for grilling or a grilling basket for veggies. Also, don’t forget to fill your propane tank before the Big Game – you can find a refilling station here.


Are you a super fan? You know one of those fans who doesn’t want to miss a second of the game? If that’s you, you might be streaming the Big Game from multiple TVs in your home.  If you’re borrowing a flat screen TV from a friend, make sure it’s packed and secured well during transport.

Make a Game Out of It

Creating a Bingo Game for The Big Game

Creating a Game Day Bingo Board is a great way for those that need a little push when it comes to enjoying football games. Gather those  leftover moving supplies such as cardboard and packing peanuts, pick up some markers, a pair of scissors and create a bingo board. The great thing about this game is that you can have fun with it! Create 24 football-related tiles (plus a free space if you’re generous). Label your tiles with calls such as “personal foul” or game moments such as an interception. Mix in some tiles related to popular commercials and you have something for everyone! Play along the standard Bingo guidelines and decide if your group is going to connect markers, or in our case, packing peanuts, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Enjoy!