Contactless Move-Out with Collegeboxes

This year’s move out is unique since many college students are unable to return to school to retrieve their personal belongings. As a COVID-19 essential service provider, Collegeboxes® has recently added packing to our list of services. By following local government guidelines, we continue to provide safe and efficient services to students and their families. Since Collegeboxes is a U-Haul® company, Collegeboxes stores items at local U-Haul storage locations and is able to use the entire U-Haul network of moving and packing help.

Retrieving your items – What to Expect

Collegeboxes will coordinate dorm room access with you and will handle everything; packing, shipping and storing. Most colleges use third party vendors to pack if your school is allowing this. Complete the pack form provided by the housing department prior to our team accessing your room.

Visit Collegeboxes and choose your college from the Schools Served tab. Complete the online sign up. You will receive notification once your order has been processed.

Packing, Storing and Shipping Process

1: Students will receive an email with the Packing Instruction Form to complete that will provide direction for our movers and identify what items should be shipped or stored.

2: Movers will enter the student’s room and take photos of the space and pack items.

3: Delivery will take 7-10 business days. All items are stored locally in our climate controlled storage facility.

Questions or need assistance? Contact us today! Email:

Phone: (866) 269-4887