The Benefits of U-Haul Moving Boxes

When you think of “moving boxes,” you probably envision a regular cardboard box. However, the range and variety of benefits of U-Haul moving boxes are numerous. “Make Moving Easier®” is the goal of U-Haul experts and as such we’ve designed a number of moving boxes with different needs and movers in mind.

The Benefits of U-Haul Moving Boxes: A Box for Every Move

A great place to start when searching for the best boxes for your move is our best sellers list. This suite of boxes covers the essentials for any move. They range from small to extra-large, and are specifically designed with households and stacking in mind and to last you four moves or 10-12 years in storage. Our core selection of corrugated boxes is the bread and butter of our moving supplies.

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It is likely you’re already familiar with our core selection of boxes but we know that some items require special consideration when being packed. Our specialty boxes were designed with specific household items in mind. For example, moving and storing clothes is a breeze with the Wardrobe Box which allows you to keep clothes on hanger when packed.

One of the best things about the U-Haul box selection is the size variety. Take for example the Shorty Wardrobe® Box which is ideal for sport coats, dress shirts, polos and suits. All of our boxes are crafted to stack for efficiency when loading a U-Haul truck or U-Box container. Have some glassware from the kitchen that you want to keep in one piece during your move? The Dish Saver Kit has you covered.

Specialty Boxes and Use Cases

  • Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes come in a range of sizes from small large and even a Laydown Wardrobe option that fits underneath most beds for storage after a move.
  • Short and long-term storage (U-Haul Moving Boxes are made to last 10-12 years).
  • When packing books, electronics and other fragile items. The Mirror/Picture Box is specifically designed to work with the U-Haul picture packer to create a snug fit (the mirror won’t move around in the box and the picture packer takes seconds to install prior to putting the mirror in the box). 

Turning a Big Move into a Smooth Move

While individual and specialty boxes are great, sometimes a move calls for more. Don’t fret! All-in-One kits were designed as an end-to-end solution to remove the guesswork involved in packing for a move. Simply return what you don’t use or exchange it for additional supplies you need. Try the Apartment Kit; an ideal assortment of moving supplies for a studio apartment or small moving project. For larger spaces there’s the 1-2 Bedroom Kit, 3-4 Bedroom Household Kit and 4+ Master Bedroom Master Pak® Kit.

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Packing Made Easier® with U-Haul Moving Boxes

No matter the size of the move, U-Haul has expanded the ideal of how your items can be packed, shipped and protected. From the 1.5 cubic feet of a Small Moving Box to the 257 cubic feet of a U-Box Container, U-Haul moving boxes keeps you and your items safety as a top priority. So the next time you are making a move, or just need somewhere to put your stuff, count on U-Haul to make moving easier!

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