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U-Haul Moving & Packing Kit

No matter who you ask, efficiency and time management are two of the most significant factors for packing and moving. When you plan out your move, you're probably thinking to yourself precisely what you need and where you will get it. Simultaneously, you want to have the least amount of stress when deciding how many boxes you need and packing products such as cushion foam, tape, and packing paper. These are just a few things you're concerned with purchasing in your search for the highest quality moving supplies. Moving can be a very overwhelming and stressful time for all people who are involved. In response to this, U-Haul has spent countless research and development hours pursuing Moving Made Easier®.

Thanks to the outstanding innovators within the U-Haul Boxes & Moving Supplies division, a solution was developed for the DIY mover who's unsure where to start packing. The result is the completely self-sustaining U-Haul Easy Pak Box Kit™, a perfect packing kit for a studio or one-bedroom apartment and intended to help with a starting place to pack and prepare for an upcoming large move. What is even more convenient for the mover on a crunch time is the ability to order online and pick it up at your local U-Haul center today. U-Haul is always thinking of ways to Make Moving Easier™ with easy and straightforward innovative packaging solutions. U-Haul has and will always be at the forefront of do-it-yourself moving innovation for well over seven decades. Adding value and creating time efficiency are two of the many things we strive to help our consumer base have the best moving experience possible.

Our complete guide will give you the entire experience and overview on the type of value and peace of mind on why our Easy Pak Box Kit™ is the most valuable option for do-it-yourself movers who care about getting their move completed!

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What Makes The Easy Pak Box Kit™ Unique?

Moving can be one of the most stressful and challenging events in someone's life. To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, U-Haul investigates and listens to the moving customer to truly Make Moving Easier(R). One of the first things in any move is figuring out precisely what is needed to pack and protect all of those priceless prized possessions. This portion can be time-consuming, especially if you're the individual who is on a time or has never moved a long distance before. The U-Haul packing innovators within our boxes and moving supplies division are continually pushing the envelope to bring our customers the products they need all at once. So you're probably asking yourself what is so unique and special about our Easy Pak Box Kit™?

Amongst the world of boxes and moving supplies, U-Haul takes a step ahead by providing many products within one easy-to-carry, lightweight box with handles to help anyone who is just looking to start their move immediately. That is where the U-Haul Easy Box Pak Kit™ comes into play. Unlike having to get all of your moving supplies one by one, we facilitate and eliminate the headache by combining many moving essentials into one convenient, lightweight box. Whether you're moving a small amount from a studio or one-bedroom apartment, or you're planning on moving your entire family household; the Easy Pak Box Kit ™is suitable for you.

Inside every U-Haul moving box kit is everything you need to get going in one of the most challenging parts of your move, which is packing. Packing, among many other tasks, can be daunting, but with U-Haul’s Easy Pak Box Kit® packing doesn't have to be complicated. In each moving supply kit, you will find the following items:

  • 10 Small Moving Boxes
  • 10 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 40 Sheets of Cushion Foam
  • 1 Tape Dispenser
  • 15 Sheets of Enviro Bubble® (Sheet Dimensions: 12"x16"
  • 2 Markers
  • 1 Box Knife
  • Outside Shell Box Dimensions: 35” x 6-1/2” x 36-1/2
  • Kit Weight: 35 Pounds

With all of these value-added products in one unit, it is no wonder why more people choose the U-Haul one-stop-shop advantage for moving and storage needs! Within every U-Haul center, you have the ability to pick up a packing planner checklist, which allows you to determine all your moving supplies needs right then and there. It is to help speed your thought process upon exactly what you need and how much of it you’ll need for packing. Moving doesn't have to feel so stressful or time-consuming; that is why U-Haul steps in to make things easier.

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Making Your Packing Experience Efficient!

With you now knowing what makes up a U-Haul moving pack kit, let us tell you how this will make your move easier! As discussed previously, packing is one of the most timely and uneasy processes; no matter if you have a lot or a little, you still need to take the proper steps to ensure that all of your precious belongings are safely packaged for transit. Including items such as glasses, dishes, fine china, and stemware, you wouldn't want any other ones to be destroyed. In this case, you would like to pick up our U-Haul Cell Kit in addition to our moving pack kit to ensure that your glassware is packaged correctly away for the short or long haul.

Getting started with your move can be one of the most challenging aspects of moving, no matter whom you ask. Fortunately, U-Haul takes the stress away by creating and innovating products that make your move less worrisome. To improve your moving experience, it is always good to make sure you have a strategy that will help your move be more confident. Your U-Haul Easy Pak Box Kit™ will help you plan what you need to do to be more efficient in your move by giving you all the tools to start rather than be haggled down trying to sort with what you need for your move.

You can then quickly figure out precisely what additional materials you will need for the remaining part of your packing process. It could include supplemental products, including U-Haul Mattress Bags, Cushion Foam, Packing Tape, Glass & Dish Cell Kit, and TV Moving Box. These are specifically designed by U-Haul with your valuables in mind, to ensure that you have to properly pack your move. Picking up the right tools for the job, no matter what you're doing, will ensure that you will have an easy time getting the task completed in a timely and proper manner. U-Haul took this approach during the development of our Easy Pak Box Kit™ to enable our consumers and do-it-yourself movers the ability to have everything they need in one value-added, convenient package.

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Adding Value To Your Move

The key to any packing phase of a move is obtaining the right items to assure the task gets completed promptly. U-Haul, ensure that we give you the tools to succeed not only by giving options to check off every time you need via our moving supply checklist you can use online or in-store but by adding a tremendous amount of value to our consumers. To accomplish this, U-Haul Makes Moving Easier® by engineering a value-added solution in our moving box kit, giving all of our customers what they need to get their packing started. Making it easier to have all the moving essentials packed into one convenient, easy-to-carry kit will create more productivity to get packing started and your move underway.

Choosing the correct packing supplies one by one can be time-consuming and downright hard to carry to and from your car at the store and when arriving at home. Adding value to each customer is what U-Haul strives to every day because our mission is to Make Moving Easier® no matter how small or big your move. By picking up a U-Haul Easy Pak Box Kit™, it will make your move increasingly more efficient with your time and money along with giving you everything you need with a one-stop-shop-moving-shop.

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Why Purchase A U-Haul Easy Pak Box Kit™?

Within the moving and packing marketplace, many entities will provide you with some packing tools but lack the understanding of their consumers' needs. U-Haul takes a different approach to listen and ensure our customers get precisely what they need rather than what they might need.

It is where the U-Haul Easy Pak Box Kit™ comes in to jumpstart help any consumer that needs to get packing quickly and efficiently to be a jumpstarter to any individual's move. Don't worry about spending time finding everything you need to pack up your apartment, condominium, or house; pick up a Easy Pak Box Kit™ and your FREE packing planner checklist, today, to start packing for an upcoming move. Fill out the packing planner checklist while you pack and bring it back to the U-Haul store to fill any additional packing needs to protect your prized possessions. To learn more about all of the U-Haul packing solutions for your moving needs, visit your local U-Haul center or go direct to U-Haul Moving Supplies!

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