22 Moving Tips for 2022

May 4, 2022

The first step to your moving process was to seek moving tips for the smoothest, easiest transition possible. Luckily, we consulted the experts here at U-Haul to provide you with the best knowledge to get you prepared. Check out the 22 tips below and see what you can use for your move.

1. Think Outside the Box Truck

When preparing for your move, it’s best to understand your options. Moving trucks are usually on top of mind but is that really the best option for your move? If you’re moving cross country, and dislike the idea of driving a moving truck, perhaps a U-Box container would be better suited since they can be shipped right to your new home. Comfort could also determine what you use for your move. Imagine driving in your own familiar vehicle and everything is hauled behind you in a trailer. Your perfect move is only a reservation away.

2. Must-Have Packing Tools

Your approach to packing can determine if your items hold up and survive the move or not. That’s why it’s important to use the right materials to ensure a smooth move. Pick up these must-having packing tools at your local center or have them shipped to your home and make packing easier:

3. There’s a Box for That

Trying to move precious or expensive items can be troublesome, especially if they do not fit the standard sized boxes. Do you need to pack your TV? There’s a box for that. What else do you need? Use the right box for your things to ensure safe keeping during your move.

Everything in that list has boxes made specifically for them.

4. Optimize Your Packing

Packing might appear to be as easy as throwing your things in to a box and taping it up but negligent and sloppy packing can result in broken or destroyed items. Don’t let your effort go to waste, by using these moving tips. Utilize smaller boxes for heavier items for easier loading and larger boxes for lighter weight bulky items like bedding and pillows. Since boxes get stacked and shuffled around during the moving process, try labeling your boxes on multiple sides. Lastly, fill empty space in your box with clothing, packing paper, or any impact-absorbing material.

5. Set Essentials Aside

Before you put away everything into moving boxes, be sure to put the things you need on moving day and for your trip aside! Use an overnight bag to put the items you’d use on a daily basis, such as:

  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Toys and games to keep the kids busy
  • Medications
  • Important Papers

Our moving tips cover only the basics. Be sure to make a list and grab what you need, as the suggestions may not cover everything that uniquely fits you.

6. Pack Sustainably

+Free Boxes

We’re not in 2021 anymore. It’s time we’ve changed our consumer habits and opt for more sustainable packaging. Luckily, these boxes were made for longevity! Other U-Haul customers may have leftovers that are in good shape, so check out the Box Exchange or your local center for free boxes. While you’re there, check out the reusable Furniture Pads and Biodegradable Packing Peanuts for better packing and less waste. And at the end of your trip, don’t forget to leave your used boxes for another family.

7. Packing Electronics

If you’re not tech savvy, this moving tip will be extremely useful. First, take a photo of any wiring that you need to take out to put it back in the right place later in your new home. Keep a small bag around to hold all small pieces if further disassembly is required. For fragile screens and hardware, you’ll want to create several protective layers of padding and wrap it as tight as possible, so it doesn’t move around when lifted and transported. Finally, keep all the wires, accessories, and other pieces together to avoid losing anything.

8. Lessen the Load

Don’t pack up everything just yet! Declutter your items and sort through them to lessen the load and prevent junk from filling your new home. Sort through your items by creating piles or boxes labeled trash, donate, and keep. If you haven’t used something in over a year, it’s probably time to toss or donate it if it’s still in good condition. Moving is a great opportunity to reassess the items you’ve gathered over the years.

9. Grocery Shopping

Groceries are hard to move, especially long distances. Be sure to make your last grocery trip about 2-3 weeks before moving to ensure that nothing goes to waste. While you’re there, pick up some snacks to munch on moving day.

10. Pack Early

The sooner you can start packing, the less stressful it is going to be. Start with the items you don’t use very often and set those boxes somewhere where they won’t be in the way. If you need temporary storage, U-Box containers make great on-site storage options to access as you need and help you pack at your pace. Anticipate finishing packing one week from your move out date. Plan your outfits and meals the week of so that you can pack the rest of your items.

11. Pack With Caution

Strategically packing includes what you can and can’t pack together. The rule of thumb is to keep items together by what room they go in such as bedroom items, bathroom products, etc. The items you should take extra care of are tools, painting equipment, and cleaning chemicals. If anything happens during transit and they break open, you wouldn’t want to ruin your other items. Review the list below of other special items that should not be packed, but rather replaced:

  • Fertilizer
  • Aerosols
  • Propane tanks
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Batteries
  • Other hazardous or flammable items

These moving tips are meant to keep you safe. Any chemical-containing materials can be combustible and potentially explosive so whatever you do, do not pack these with the rest of your belongings. Instead, dispose of them properly and replace them at your new home.

12. Don’t Dump Out the Drawers

When moving, using up all the space in the truck is essential as well as all the space in your drawers, cabinets, and other items with empty fillable space. Dressers are a prime example of this. Then, be certain to get it into your moving truck with a dolly for even more ease.

13. Load It Up

Loading your truck or trailer must be strategic to avoid shifting boxes, broken items, or worse. With a moving truck, load Mom’s Attic first with fragile items to separate them from the bulkier items. Next, load up appliances and heavy furniture so that most of the weight is situated furthest from the door Then, follow up with heavy boxes and furniture. Remember, space is essential and you will need to fill in the empty spaces. The last items you put in the truck should be what will quickly be needed at your new destination or during the trip.

Loading a U-Box is slightly different than loading a truck. Use the video below to see that the heaviest item should be in the center of your U-Box, and then make stacks with the heavier boxes and furniture at the bottom and packing lighter boxes as you move up.

14. Plan for a Sitter

Babies and pets fill our home with lots of loving energy; however, moving day will require a lot of your attention. Make sure your kids and pets are taken care of on moving day by hiring a sitter or taking them to a friend’s house. This will ensure that their needs are met while you make sure everything is handled on moving day.

15. Mockup Your Moving Space

Mark the dimensions of the space on your floor with the dimensions of your moving truck, trailer, or U-Box container space. Dimensions are provided for all U-Haul equipment on our site. Having a visual of the space will help you find out if everything will fit and helps avoid any last-minute problems. This technique works best for car cargo and smaller storage spaces.

16. Tow Your Vehicle

If you’re driving the moving truck, how are you getting your personal vehicle or second car to your new place? Pro moving tip: you don’t have to bribe your friend to drive it for you- instead there are better solutions. U-Haul offers two options to move your vehicle: the tow dolly or the auto transport. Benefits of towing your vehicle include putting less miles on your personal vehicle, preventing wear and tear on it, and optimizing your hauling capabilities.

17. New Home, New Address

Your mind might be busy planning how you’re going to pack so it’s natural that this next moving tip gets forgotten. You’ll want to update your address for all your accounts, utilities, and subscriptions before moving day so that everything is ready for you upon move in. How else would you celebrate the new home without electricity, running water, or internet?

18. Avoid the Crowd

The end of the month and the weekend are popular moving times. This means equipment is in high demand and there’s sure to be a line to pick up your equipment. If it’s possible, try to move your moving date to the middle of the month and during the middle of the week. Choosing these dates will also give you the cheapest rates and increases your chance at getting your preferred equipment.

19. Handling Last Minute Changes

Moving can be unpredictable. When last minute changes happen, you can be prepared. U-Haul allows you to modify or cancel your equipment reservations easily from your account. And don’t worry about after hour equipment drop-offs, we got you covered with TruckShare 24/7.

20. New Home Delays

Life can throw some curveballs our way and delay moving into your new home. What do you do with all of your belongings in the meantime? Store your things away in a self-storage unit or use a U-Box container for on-site storage. U-Box containers are great for mobile storage, too, when you use an in-town trailer to haul it around with you.

21. No Liquid Leakage

Of all the moving tips, this one will help keep things mess free! During transit, liquid bottle caps can unscrew and cause spillage. Don’t let this headache happen to you! Place a small piece of plastic wrap over the top of a container and then replace the lid by screwing it over the plastic wrap. This acts as an extra barrier and holds the cap on better.

22. Don’t Lift A Finger

Now that you have a packing plan, reflect on how many boxes you have and the heavy pieces that require more than one person to move. Don’t worry about who’s going to actually show up to help you. Instead, get reliable help with MovingHelp service providers. They’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Some providers even offer packing and cleaning assistance- great for renters who want their deposit back.

When so much can go wrong, make sure it goes right with these moving tips!

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