Jobs Near You At U-Haul

Nov 21, 2022

Finding a job near you is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: there will be a lot of trying before you find the right fit. Luckily, U-Haul makes it easier for you. How? There is a position for everyone and every skill set, even yours! Check out all of the different kinds of jobs U-Haul is hiring for.

Why Work At U-Haul?

When you think about a dream job, what does it have? Is it out on the roads or in an office? Does it have benefits? There’s a lot to consider. Whatever your goals are, U-Haul can help by offering on-the-job education and growth opportunities. Some Team Members have been with U-Haul for over +50 years! We celebrate milestones often, which says a lot about long-term gains.

Additionally, U-Haul covers both full-time and part-time Team Members with benefits. Check out the robust list here. You’ll notice the benefits cover everything from finance to mental health, life and family, and beyond. Gain a lifelong career and obtain your personal goals, too!

Positions At U-Haul

Now that you’ve had a moment to reflect on the kind of job you want, review the positions below and apply for ones that interest you. Even if you qualify less than 100%, U-Haul recruiters can work with you to find one that fits your experience and skills.

Assembly, Manufacturing & Warehouse Jobs

Creating useful equipment for your community can be a gratifying job. There are a few U-Haul manufacturing plants located across the United States and Canada that offer a variety of positions, starting from entry-level to managerial. Check out the options below and apply!

  • Dispatcher
  • Shop office clerk
  • Welder
  • Assembler
  • Machine and laser operators
  • Engineers
  • Custodians
  • Robot Programmers

Automotive Maintenance & Repair Jobs

Car enthusiasts and mechanics make a great match at U-Haul because of the need for repair and upkeep on the vehicles and equipment people use to move. Whether you’re new to the industry or not, you are encouraged to apply! You can get started without being a seasoned professional. Specialize in one area, and then when you become an expert, you can grow into another position! Find a position to get started:

  • Detail specialist
  • Mechanics
  • Automotive dismantler
  • Repair dispatch managers
  • Preventative maintenance technician
  • Entry-level mechanic
  • Mobile repair specialist
  • Parts specialist
  • Brake/tire specialist
  • Engine specialist
  • Trailer/Sri repair specialist
  • Office and senior clerks

Call Center Jobs

Helping people through stressful moments (like moving) can be fulfilling. Our call center Team Members are at the front lines helping their community keep it moving by coordinating equipment, roadside service, and more. French and Spanish-speaking individuals are encouraged to apply!

  • Sales and reservation agents
  • Customer service agents
  • Roadside assistance agents
  • U-Box sales agents

Corporate Jobs

In the bustling city of Phoenix, Arizona, is a street full of U-Haul corporate Team Members. This is where the behind-the-scenes magic happens, like decal creation and banking from our very own Credit Union. There is so much more than that, so feel free to explore the vast positions to find the one that’s calling your name and apply!

  • HRIS configuration analyst
  • Structural engineer
  • Account representative
  • Hitch central agent
  • Local internet search auditor
  • Moving help director
  • Social media support specialist
  • HR assistant
  • Fleet sales title clerk
  • Invoice processing clerk
  • Rate analyst
  • Graphic designer
  • Accountant
  • Deli clerk
  • District sales manager
  • Assistant general counselor
  • Staff artist
  • Maintenance helper
  • Distribution specialist
  • Ad tax clerk
  • Program manager
  • News publication specialist
  • Plant custodian
  • Equipment recovery coordinator
  • Carrier relations specialist
  • Storage marketing strategist
  • Risk management business analyst
  • Alarm security project coordinator
  • And MUCH more! See the complete list here.

IT Jobs

Technology is steering businesses to accommodate the modern age if they want to stay relevant. U-Haul is no exception! Our diverse Team handles a variety of jobs in this field. Take a look below and apply today!

  • Software developer
  • Tech support
  • Systems and data engineers
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Security systems analyst and admins
  • Programmers

Retail Stores, Regional Management & Support Jobs

The Team in the field is the bread and butter of U-Haul. They are the faces that customers see and the service they receive face-to-face. These positions allow you to make the most significant impact on a customer’s journey, and it can be incredibly rewarding. Check out the positions and apply today.

  • Customer service representatives
  • Hitch professionals
  • Managers
  • Housekeepers
  • U-Box warehouse workers
  • Area field managers
  • Office clerks
  • Reservation agents
  • Transfer driver
  • U-Box customer care representatives (CDL)

How To Apply

Applying is easy! Find the job you’re interested in and click “Apply Now.” You will be prompted through the application process, where you’ll fill out your contact information and work history. Once your application is received, U-Haul recruiters will review it and reach out.

It’s a straightforward process to give you the best job-hunting experience.

For more recruiting tips and available positions, follow #UHaulLife and our recruiting pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram!


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