Moving Tips From A Military Wife

Moving is a constant part of the military life. On average, a military family moves every 3 years. While the military will move your belongings, especially in overseas situations, when the move is stateside, many families choose to either move all or part of their belongings themselves. With so many moves under their belts, service […]

How to Store and Pack Your Military Valuables

All active-duty military members and veterans know that moving constantly is a part of life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve served, there are some medals, awards and uniforms that have special meaning to you…and you don’t want them to be ruined during the move. This blog post will cover what products to use when […]

Using Portable Storage for a Military Move

As a son of a veteran and being a vet myself, I know that moving in the military can be very challenging. Active duty military families have to move once every 3 years on average. Here are some tips to make both your stateside and overseas military move more enjoyable! Stateside Military Move Moving stateside in the […]

Military Storage Tips

You’ve just received deployment papers and, depending on your military unit, you may have several months to prepare or you may have only a few short weeks. Either way…don’t panic! Using self-storage, whether you are being deployed for a few months or more than a year, can be a hassle-free process. Check out these predeployment […]

Tips for Military Moves

It’s no secret that moving is a large part of military life. If you’re currently active, were active in the past or if you grew up in a military family, chances are you’ve done your share of moving. Military members and families may move as often as once a year, and while it can be […]

Planning Your Military Move to Alaska

If you, your spouse or a member of your family has received orders to move to Alaska for the military, you have an exciting new journey ahead. Before deployment, there is a lot to plan. Of course, one of the first considerations  is determining how you will physically move to Alaska. Anchorage and Fairbanks are […]

Military Deployment Readiness Tips

After living with a service member for a few years, I’ve learned a few things about how to make the military deployment process a lot smoother. Whether you are going to be overseas for a few months or over a year, here are some good tips to help you prepare for your deployment. (And, of […]