Moving Day Safety: Protecting Your Body

You only get one body in life, so protecting it makes sense, right? Well, in our busy day-to-day lives, we often forgo the extra measures that avoiding injury requires. But if there’s one day where there’s extra importance in being careful, it’s moving day. We’ve compiled a quick guide to making sure that you’re up […]

Easy Microwave Meals for Moving Day

Loading the moving truck and unpacking the boxes both require a lot of your energy, so you can’t forget to eat. But, I understand the day is hectic and you don’t always have time for a proper meal. This is why you should set aside some time for a quick microwaveable bite. Check out these […]

On the Move Breakfast Ideas

You’re all set for your move- the moving truck and moving helpers have been reserved. Before you pack up your kitchen, there are a few items you can whip up for breakfast on the go! These two ideas will keep your bellies and your wallets full: Pigs in  Blanket This old favorite is great for […]

Healthy Fast Food Options

It’s difficult to eat healthy while being on the road, especially with temptations such as Frosty’s and Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries. But you must stay strong! Although most fast food combinations can’t beat a healthy home-cooked meal, here are some healthy fast food options: Chipotle One of the most trending food chains right now, Chipotle, […]

Portable Winter Meal Ideas for Moving Day

Moving during the winter can be tough going; especially if you live in an extremely cold climate. You will usually rise before the sun, and brave the cold and frost. The good news is that as soon as you start loading or unloading, you’ll begin to get warmed up (plus, all U-Haul trucks have heaters […]