Moving Day Safety: Protecting Your Body

You only get one body in life, so protecting it makes sense, right? Well, in our busy day-to-day lives, we often forgo the extra measures that avoiding injury requires. But if there’s one day where there’s extra importance in being careful, it’s moving day. We’ve compiled a quick guide to making sure that you’re up […]

Precautions to Take When Moving

On moving day, there are plenty of personal safety concerns for everyone. We are all more at risk to burglaries and other forms of crime during and after our moving process. By planning ahead, staying informed, and taking the following precautions, we can stay safe at all times! Before Moving Day Tell as few people as […]

U-Haul Safe-Trailering Rodeo in Wichita

Hook ‘em up, Load ‘em Up, Back ‘em Up Safe-trailering what? A rodeo with trailers? Do cowboys chase down trailers from the cabins of their pickup trucks, lasso them and hitch them up to the back in some sort crazy timed event? Are the trailers wild and need to be ridden for eight seconds? What […]

What to Wear for Spring Moving Day

In order for moving day to go smoothly it is essential to wear the safe and comfortable attire, but who says moving can’t be fashionable?  Here are some tips on what to wear for spring moving day: Keep it Light Don’t let your fashion on moving day drag you down, literally. Wear light and porous […]