Road Trip Exercises

Are you moving cross-country, or just taking a road trip to see the world? Road trips can be a lot of fun. I just went on a road trip from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Phoenix, Arizona over the course of 5 days. I had heard about the dangers of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms […]

U-Haul Camper Photo Contest

UPDATE: Contest is Closed! We received many great entries from the U-Haul camper community. Thank you to everyone who participated! We really loved seeing all of the great photos. You can go to to see if your photos make it onto the side of a U-Haul truck. Thank you to everyone in the U-Haul Camper community […]

#uhaulroadtrip Day 4: Colorado and New Mexico

What a long day on our #uhaulroadtrip! Here’s an update on the adventures we had on the 4th day fo our trip: Where Did We Go? We left Cheyenne early in the morning and pointed ourselves south on the Interstate towards Denver. Our first stop in Denver was a little U-Haul location in the midst […]

#uhaulroadtrip Day 2: North Dakota

Thank you to everyone who stopped to say hello to us on the #uhaulroadtrip today and got a chance to check out our vintage U-Haul Camper. For those of you just joining us, see where we have been here in the #uhaulroadtrip Introduction and Day 1: Minnesota and North Dakota. Where Did We Go? Today we spent the […]