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friendly staff and good customer service


I never get the link in my email to do mobile check in - on the day I go to pick up , considering this location is not always manned, its a problem

Matthew H.

The truck box was iced shut and it took over an hour to get in. The flat top dolly I ordered wasn't there, and the attendant at the location said that it wasn't in his information, and that there wasn't one there.

Brian F.

It was extremely difficult to get the key out of the lockbox. It appeared to be frozen and you could see ice. Perhaps a different lock box mechanism or a cover over to protect from the weather. Otherwise great. Truck was clean and in good working order


A truck certified to be ok is better to be given to clients. I got a broken door truck and I could only use it for 2 miles because of that. My time and trip was completely messed up as a result of that. An email was sent immediate all effort to fix it prove abortive but I never got a response to that till the time of sending this feedback. Yesterday I was charged full amount for the rental which knocked me off at the first stop point. The items I have in the truck were still there because I didnt want a ticket for driving an opened truck which is supposed to be shut. Am still stuck as no available truck size of that kind. Sad!


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