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Jewin F. on


Staff was very kind and helpful. Renting and returning was easy. Truck was a little dirty.

alicia C. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Michele V. on


The employees at this location were polite & patient & maintained their professionalism in the face of an irate customer (ME!!!) However, despite the maturity of their behavior 2 things annoyed me extremely. First: my reservation had me scheduled for a 9:00 AM checkout.appointment. I had called this location & was informed that as I had a reservation, checkout would be quick Despite my showing up early, about a dozen people beat me to the checkout counter. Were all these people scheduled for 9:00 AM checkout?. This should not have been possible! If all these people did not have an appointment at this time then the UHaul employees should have asked that those scheduled for a 9:00 AM appointment should come to the front & the others informed that they would be taken care of as soon as it was possible. As only ONE person should have had a 9:00 AM appointment, then only I should have gone to the front. Second. I asked in prior conversations with this location what information I would be asked to provide. I was NOT informed that I would need to provide two alternate phone numbers to verify my bona fides. . I do not memorize phone numbers. This created a problem..



N nothing at all .was a good experience.

Paul B. on


all was perfect & like that you are so close

Susan G. on


U-Haul totally dropped the ball. There would not have been a van available at my original pick up location in Putnam Ct The Angel Share location in Dudley Mass saved the day. U-Haul Ct gets a thumbs down. U-Haul @Angel Share 2 thumbs up

michael W. on


I was sent to pick up my 26ft truck over 100 miles as non of the confirmed collection points were uhaul dealer or did not have 26ft truck ..eventually 6 hours later head office found truck near me while trying to collect at confirmed collection depots all staff rude and unhelpful ..and no knowledge of stock at locations cost me fuel for my transport. time visiting centers with no stock then taking truck to loading point disgusting service