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Ryan B. on


The location was a mess of junk cars and it was extremely difficult to park there. I also had to wait for the clerk to return, which delayed picking my truck up by at least a half hour. Next, the employee had no experience with the mobile pick up and had to call to confirm to give me the keys. The resulted in me having to exit the pick up process on the app and I could not complete the pictures in such.



Very prompt and polite staff

Avery K. on


There was no room for me to park the U-Haul.



Customer did not leave a comment.

Jon T. on


Location was a little hard to park and access the equipment. It was very cramped. Also, the wiring harness on the trailer was broken.

amarilys R. on


Muy caros para usarlo por solo 4 horas no vuelvo mas a usar sus servicios la búsqueda me salió más caro de lo que la usé $100 dólares por 4 horas es demasiado

Steve A. on


We have been accused of damaging the truck which we were not responsible for. We received a bill via e-mail, and our credit card was charged. We are "guilty until proven innocent". We spoke to Mason Soulier who was no help at all. We don't know how the truck was damaged, it was left in a junkyard/garage location and could have happened there. We also paid for insurance, and now we find out in the fine print that damage to the roof is not included. In addition, we were charged for gas, the gas gage was exactly at the same point when we picked up the truck. This is a very poor way to run a business. We'll be looking at arbitration next.

francisco B. on


The truck need to have better flash light to drive at night

Daniel S. on


After speaking with Uhaul Rep to pick up truck early, location of pickup changed after I left my house. Was notified when I arrived at address on contract, my truck was not at that location but at another location ten miles away. Very disappointed.