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When a customer returns the truck back the employees should put that into the system right away so that customer is not charged an extra $120. I've always used uhaul and never had issues but this was by far the worst experience I've had.

Sean M.

Over charged me on truck

Enrique O.

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The person who answered the phone was rude and seemed to be bothered with my need to find the location of HIS BUSINESS. I called prior to showing up and the person on the phone seem to have a problem with acknowledging that the business is associated with UHAUL. I will NEVER return a rental to a location other than UHAUL.

Theodore B.


James W.

This location is basically a garage that rents trucks on the side. I had asked for another Uhaul location that I knew offered full service, but for some unknown reason was shunted to Atlantic Towing at the last minute. When I arrived, there was only the truck I had reserved, but no other vehicles. They managed to find a dolly, but not the pads I had reserved, or the additional rope I had hoped to buy. So, I had to drive to two other Uhaul locations to acquire them. As far as the service I received at Atlantic Towing, it was friendly and cooperative, but they are severely limited in what they can do for you beyond providing the vehicle itself. Anything ancillary to that, to include something as basic as boxes, will probably mean running around to other Uhauls on your moving day, when you are already busy and time limited.

Gary B.

The mobile app is extremely time consuming and confusing. It simply said here is the code for the lock...not where it is. When I was checking out, I drove the truck 7 miles and did not buy gas. There was a $30 charge for what is likely less than 1 gallon of gas! That is insane. This isn't about this location, but rather U-Haul itself.

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