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Jinesh T.

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The truck smelled like someone had been smoking in it and the truck's gas was almost empty. Nevertheless, I returned it with over 1/4 tank. I was charged for a 2-day rental, however, I only rented it for 8 hrs. I submitted documents (pictures) of return mileage, key and time of return to the U-Haul Headquarters. The time was overstated by 16 hrs. and the mileage was overstated by 1 mile. At 10:56 am on 11/30/2020, I called the location at 901-458-9385 to inform them of the error. I repeated myself numerous times to the U-Haul representative about my concerns. She got so irritated with me that she began to raise her voice and became very nasty and hung up on me! I immediately called the corporate office to discuss my situation and Mr. Thomas Gay professionally handled the situation and I thanked him for his professionalism and courtesy.

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