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The woman at this location said she did not want to take the truck back. Said I would have to drive it across town, then threatened to shoot me if I left it after I told her I had no choice and had to catch a flight.


The problems started with U-Haul moving my pick-up to this much less convenient location. When I arrived, Finishing Touch was closed and I had no information about how to proceed with picking up my truck. An employee at the adjacent (and unrelated) gas station was kind enough to give me the salon owner's number, and I left a message with her. She called me back, after which we began exchanging texts that included an incorrect lock combination. The whole pick-up process took a frustrating 45 minutes, with no apology from the owner.

Kathryn C.

We had to drive to another nearby business to wait for approval/access code through the U-Haul app, as we did not feel safe at the pick-up location (drugs, homeless people, etc.)

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