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Testimonials from recent customers of Gas Plus 52nd Street

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Chris W. on


I didn't proceed with my rental. When I arrived at the store, everywhere for sale in the shop was hemp, marijuana paraphernalia, vaping products and knives. My son was very uncomfortable in the location and urged me to leave. I stood there for 30 minutes after booking a trailer online with my prefilled out info on everything. He clicked the mouse for 30 minutes straight and called someone 5 times for assistance. He said I was ready to go and gave me the paperwork. When I arrived at the trailer it was completely filthy. It was pure black, the hitch, everything was filthy. I couldn't get into the back of the trailer as it was backed into a bush, so I don't imagine they cleaned that either. The trailer was frozen into the ground and I was not provided with any assistance. I walked around the trailer and decided, as a Health and Safety professional and professional driver, that this trailer was not roadworthy. I went in and cancelled the contract. I have never had much luck with neighborhood dealers and won't do this again. I want to ensure that I am not charged for this as I am sure I will be.

Bradley F. on


Don't change their pickup location 5 minutes before their pickup time to across the city. Don't deduct close to half of their deposit with no explanation as to why. This was the worst service I've ever experienced. Not exadurating, the worst! I want my full deposit back. Don't try to rip off your customers or be dishonest.

Reiny P. on


They are in the middle of renovating. That’s why it isn’t clean.

Leasa C. on


The gentleman didn’t speak English very well... had no idea what he was doing... ask me if everything was good before looking at the truck...asked me what I was doing here when I got into the store. Told him I was here to return the truck and he was dumb founded... the process of returning the truck took over half hour...