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William F. on


You must retire the car trailer I rented! It is rusted through in spots, the tail lights did not work. The guys jumped right on it and fixed it, sorta (most of the LED lights were burned out. The License plate light did not work, the ramps would not come out due to the fatigue of the metal. With the car weight on them they were nearly impossible to extend out to unload the car. The trailer brakes did not work and all the stopping power was put on my truck brakes causing us to over heat. I had to stop several times after going downhill several times, and my brakes were smoking hot, causing un-needed wear and now I have to have those pads replaced. My life is measured in available minutes, not hours. I work a graveyard shift and the delays caused me to loose not only time but sleep, and almost missed returning to work on time following the the trip because of the brakes over heating. I am extremely dissatisfied with this trailer rental. The last time I rented from you, all was good with the newer trailer that was available. A lesser man would have blamed the small garage for the issue but the guys at High Country Auto deserve something from you for salvaging the reputation of Uhaul. They were great!!!! Your equipment was not. I spent good money to rent a bad product. I hope you will find a way to make this up to me, and reward the boys at the garage with more than just their labor fee for fixing a trailer that is years past retirement criteria. Sincerely W. Michael Felder

John B. on


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