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Clarence N. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

kim s. on


I'm not happy with Corporate Uhaul at all - your mobile check in does not work & no one answers the phones to help you. BUT...the gentleman that worked at this location & his boss were an enormous help!

Leland B. on


Pickup site: Computer system very very slow. It took approx 1 hr for the sys to come up and get my info. The cleck was very nice and helpful.



When we went in to rent the U-Haul we were told that the price would be $135 whether we were to return to that location or to drop off at the location we were heading to so with that being told to us we chose to just drop it off at the location we were heading to which was only 20 miles away he actually said it would be a $10 incentive to drop it off there so would bring the price down to about 125 once we arrived at that location to drop off we were told that we were charged for $114 for a $19.95 U-Haul truck. In the end the person at the Middletown U-Haul was able to reverse the order and we brought it back to the place we got it from and m o r a i n e. This was insane and should have never happened we were also told that we had to pay with a credit card instead of paying with cash and a cash deposit in all it was just a complete Nightmare and I've never had this happen with U-haul before. And we receive no compensation for our troubles