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Jessica L.

Great convenience store! ZERO convenience when it comes to Uhauls. I was transferred to this pick-up location from Van Nuys. I called ahead 2 hours before my reservation to be sure my order of a 15ft truck with 2 furniture dollies, 1 handcart, and 24 furniture pads was ready. They said yes. In COVID times, I asked for contactless pick up, but I had to go in. From there it took 45min to pick up the uhaul due to frequent internet issues on the mobile phone (working off wifi) the guy was using to process me. I kept having to give basic information over and over again because the page kept timing out and the guy had to keep asking someone else for help. And once I got my uhaul it included none of the equipment I had paid for (That they had previously confirmed they had) and I had to go back in the store to ask for furniture movers, handcart, and furniture pads. All they had on hand was 1 handcart. Also the uhaul was on LESS than 1/8 of a tank of gas when I got it. 1/4 is the lowest level a uhaul is allowed to be returned with. This place smelled amazing and I hear their food is great! But it is clearly not a Uhaul place.

Ernesto O.

This site was completely unprepared. They could not find the tablet which they use to process the orders. We had to wait over half an hour to final get the truck. This entire experience was ridiculous. The website should not allow someone to make a reservation that is not available. Our original reservation was for another site at 7am. When we arrived, we were told that we would have to wait two hours for the site to open. None of this was told to us when we confirmed on the phone with a customer service rep. We then had to wait on the phone for 20 minutes while trying to reach a rep to somehow reconcile the situation. Every reservation we have done with uhaul has come with problems. We will never use this company again and will advise others to do the same.

Enrique A.

I was a charge another day without anyone telling me why. I'll be disputing the charge. AFTER A NIGHTMARE WITH THE RESERVATION I'M GETTING CHARGED ANOTHER DAY IS UNBELIEVABLE...

George Q.

Attendants did not know how to check me in.

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