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Steaven D.

The woman who was behind the counter didn't know how to rent the truck and called someone and was giving my personal information to someone


This location was closed when we returned the truck. Could use better signage as it was difficult to find.


Did not have the dolly that was part of my rental and had to travel to another location to pick it up.

James G.

They wee slow but nice

Roger F.

There was 2 attack dogs where the uhaul sign was in the window. The manager at the location was rude and wanted an apology because he thought I had an attitude. If I didn't apologize he wasn't going to rent me the truck. If that is the kind of people you want taking care of your business you will see less rentals.

Andrew H.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Allen B.

Have an actual person on site. It was a sketchy hotel and it was locked.

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