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Gabriel L.

professional and prompt service. However, since we are in a pandemic, it would be appreciated if the proprietor also wore a mask to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. I get it that it is a personal choice but it made me leery of going inside. Otherwise, thanks for the good service, I look forward to renting from you again in the future.

Wayne H.

Dion went out of hos way to help me out when I was in need, you don't see that anymore today. Excellent experience all the way around.


Excellent service

Samuel S.

We would have appreciated more explanation about the gas level upon return. We picked up the U-Haul with 1/8 of a tank, and they gave us a $21 fuel credit. We returned the truck with a full tank to be kind and efficient with U-Haul and the next renter. Streamline the process, we were thinking. We spend $61, so we overpaid by $40. The area manager for U-Haul gave us a $20 credit which he said was rare for him to do. That means we were still $20 short of the gas. The truck was in condition and did not break down.

Thomas D.

Customer did not leave a comment.


nicest uhaul I ever had

Arthur P.


Michael P.

Over all great job by all from start to finish. The rental local lady was friendly walk me through the steps and answered all my questions

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