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Jonah H.

It was horrible the “uhual guy” as they told me wasn't working that day and nobody there had the login or knowledge on how to help me, I'm not saying this to be rude these are the exact phrases that a flustered employee told me as he tried to “get me on my way” he began calling the “uhual guy” and asking other associates if they even had a truck for me, I was losing time while my pregnant wife waited in the car. As I stood inside waiting till 1:15pm my truck was supposed to be ready at 12pm the gentleman took me to the back and told me this is what they could give me and then I would have to drive to another location to pick up the rest of the material I needed. I got to the el Camino uhual and the woman couldn't find my uhual info and just asked me what I wanted, I didn't receive the right material I paid for and I didn't get a new confirmation email till this morning. Your people should have marked the gas line where it was once I left the 2nd stop at the el Camino location as it was your error that I had to drive extra. Horrible experience my overall move was delayed due to poor customer and company service, I lost daylight and 2 of my movers because we were late back to the meet up house. I had already paid the movers so I lost out on 100$ Because of this.

Stuart S.

I called the day before pickup and was assured my rental was there and ready to go. Got there to pick up and was told they didn't have a vehicle. Spent two hours plus going back and forth with U-Haul corporate and was finally given a vehicle that was designated for local only. (Mine was a one way rental ) No way to run a business.

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