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Testimonials from recent customers of Valley Park Storage

Johanel C.

Terrible communication/ I went to the location to pick up my rental truck to find out that my rental truck was actually at a different location. When I asked the front desk person "why they didn't communicate that information me?", his response was, "we see the comments that the unit was dropped off at a different location, but the customer isn't able to see those comments. We forgot to pass that information to you". At that point I was already 30 minutes into my rental time, sitting at the wrong location without my rental truck. When I asked the front desk person "what you guys can do for me to recover the time I paid for and wasted here or offer me a better experience since you guys didn't communicate with me in regards my rental unit?", his response was, "we can't do anything because this a new facility and I don't know what I'm doing". You guys need to step you game up and offer a better service, coming from a guy who deal with customers on a daily basis. Terrible job by uhaul.

Richard S.

Agent did not know how to execute the contract. So we decided to just have me take the truck and resolve when I returned it. Agent spent almost an hour trying to get the key out of the lock box with no success only to have to cut the lock and then find out the key was not even in there. Then when he found the key, the truck's battery was dead and had to be jumped. So what should have taken about 10 minutes took a hour and half of wasted time. When I returned the truck he could still not print out my contact and cost I was being charged, so I left hoping the final bill and what I was charged would be accurate.

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