LPG / Propane Tanks & Refill Stations in Gainesville, FL at U-Haul at University of Florida

We refill all types of propane tank sizes with LP gas; RVs, campers, propane forklift tanks as well as vehicles powered by propane U-Haul autogas in Gainesville, FL. We offer competitive propane prices by the gallon, seven days a week at U-Haul at University of Florida and at more than 1,100 nation-wide refill stations surrounding Gainesville, FL, 32601.

Refill propane tanks with us and save money!

U-Haul at University of Florida has propane tanks for sale, or simply let the trained professionals refill your propane tank to help save you money. Refilling your propane tank is cheaper than exchanging. If you exchange your propane tank, you do not get credit for any propane that was left in the tank. Get your propane tank refilled with LP gas by one of our certified professionals at U-Haul at University of Florida and pay for only the propane you need.

U-Haul also carries a wide selection of propane accessories, grilling accessories and even tailgating accessories – view all available propane accessories in our online store for your next barbecue.

Pay at the pump

Current Propane Gas Prices

Propane tank
Tank refills
$3.20 per gallon
Price does not include sales tax.
Propane truck
Alternative fuel vehicles
$2.62 per gallon
Price includes federal, state and sales tax.

We care about your safety and recommend that you view our general propane safety tips.