How Much Should I Tip My Mover?

Hiring moving labor for your next move? Find out how much you should tip your mover in this article! 

When to Tip 

When hiring any type of moving labor, tipping is never considered mandatory, but is always appreciated after a job well done. Some moving companies do not accept tips and adjust their base prices to account for gratuity, so be sure to first check if the movers you hired take tips. 

Tipping is best done once your service has been completed. This allows you to adjust the amount given based on the quality of the job you received. If you are relocating with the help of Moving Help®, you have the option to tip on the spot with cash, but you can also choose to tip online through your customer account. 

Tipping Per Mover 

Tipping for a moving service can be done as an overall percentage, like typical tipping at a restaurant, but it is usually calculated by the number of movers who were working. About $20 - $30 per mover is given if you had an average sized move. The number can be adjusted depending on the size of your move and the quality of service you received. 

How Much to Tip 

The exact amount you tip should depend on how large your move was and how long it took to complete. If you hired a full-service moving company that packed, loaded, and drove your belongings, you may consider giving a larger, percentage-based tip.  

The quality of service received is going to be one of the largest factors of how much you want to tip, which can only be decided by you.  

How to Tip Through Your Moving Help Account 

To tip your Moving Help® Service Provider through your Moving Help® customer account, begin by logging in and navigating to the My Jobs tab. Once there, find the job that you would like to leave a tip for and click the job number. From the job itself, click Write a Review found under the Service Details section.  

Once you have filled out your review, you can then determine how much you would like to tip in the Tip Helper field. A bonus of leaving your Moving Helper® a review, regardless of tipping, is that you will receive your $5.95 service fee back! 

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