How to Pack Boxes for Moving

A big part of moving is getting your belongings packed in moving boxes. But there's a right way to pack your moving boxes and a wrong way. Knowing the difference is key to keeping your items in good condition and staying organized during your move. It's also important to use boxes and other supplies that are designed to make moving easier. So before you casually toss your belongings in boxes, here’s how to effectively pack your moving boxes for your next move.

Gather Your Packing Supplies

In addition to gathering your moving boxes, there are other packing supplies available that will make your job much easier while keeping your belongings in excellent condition.

Recommended packing supplies

Assemble your moving boxes

If you purchased new boxes, they will need to be assembled. Start by unfolding your collapsed box until it’s in a cube shape. On the bottom, fold the small flaps into the center, then fold the larger flaps on top of those; apply a strip or two of packing tape where the flaps meet in the center to close the box. Learn more about how to properly tape a moving box.

How to Pack Boxes for Moving

  1. Group items of similar size and weight (try not to mix belongings from different rooms of your home).
  2. Pour a layer of packing peanuts into the bottom of the box. 
  3. Wrap heaviest items first with bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in the bottom of the box.
  4. Wrap lighter items with bubble wrap or packing paper and separate them from items in the bottom of the box with cushion foam.
  5. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  6. Before closing your box, cushion the entire package. Stuff packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper firmly in unfilled spaces to prevent shifting or damage to your goods.
  7. Your filled box should not weigh more than about 30 pounds, or more than what you can lift easily. Under packed boxes may collapse in transit, while over packed boxes can rupture, damaging belongings.
  8. Close the box and seal it with sturdy packing tape.
  9. Label the box with its contents and destination room.

How to Pack Wardrobe Boxes

If you’re moving your entire household, you’re going to need a lot of wardrobe boxes. The specialty box that comes with a metal hanging bar allows movers to transfer clothes from the closet to the box in a flash. It's great for winter clothes storage

Packing the box is easy as well. After taping the bottom of the box to secure the foundation, we recommend placing small items such as shoes, belts, or other accessories on the bottom of the box.

Then put the metal bar through the pre-made inserts. Once the bar is in place, start hanging clothes. Most bars will hold close to 100 lbs. of clothes depending on the size of the box.

U-Haul offers a variety of different wardrobe boxes including:

How to Pack Your TV Moving Box

One of the most beloved items in your house is your television. We know you already made quite the investment for the best gameday and movie night picture, so you need to protect it on the way to your new home. U-Haul offers a Medium TV Moving Box Kit that fits TVs up to 40” and a Flat Panel TV Moving Box Kit that kits TVs up to 70” for your TV moving needs.

For the best experience, we recommend the Ultimate TV Packing Kit, which includes the flat panel moving box, a flat screen TV cover, anti-static flat screen TV cover, Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap, packaging paper tape, and a furniture pad.

To start packing your TV, remove any stands from your TV for it to fit properly in the box. Once the stand is removed, place the flat screen cover over your TV. Flatten out the cover as much as possible to avoid having it snag on the box. Your moving kit will come with four foam protection pieces, and you’ll use these next. The pieces can be adjusted for your TV size allowing them to properly fit on the four corners of the TV. Using the Mover’s Wrap, surround the TV and foam blocks to add an extra layer of protection and secure the foam protection pieces in place. Your TV is now ready to slide into the box. If there is any additional space, you can fill it with the furniture pad. If you need any more help packing your television, we’ve created a video for the packing process below:

How to Pack Your Mirror Box

Another fragile item potential making the move to your new home is any mirror or artwork. These also have their own specialty boxes. In just five easy steps you can pack up pictures, mirrors, artwork, & paintings for moving:

1. Gather Your Picture Packing Supplies

Recommended Moving Supplies for Packing Mirrors and Pictures:

2. Prep Your Mirror/Picture - Get your mirror/picture ready by making sure any sharp hanging brackets are taped over and loose mounting wires are taped down. If your item has a glass cover, place an 'x' over the glass using tape.

3. Attach the Foam Corner Protectors - With the mirror/picture lying flat, place a corner protector on each corner.

4. Wrap in Bubble Wrap - For added protection, wrap your mirror/picture in Enviro-Bubble® before packing it in the box. Start by wrapping vertically around a top corner and bottom corner. Next, tape the wrap in place, then do the same thing on the opposite corner.

5. Pack Your Mirror/Picture in the Mirror Box - Slide the mirror/picture into the box. If there is a lot of space, add crumbled newspaper or extra sheets of Enviro-Bubble® in the gaps to prevent your item from shifting.

U-Haul offers a handful of mirror and picture box options including the standard 37” x 4” x 27” box, a large mirror & picture box (48-1/4” x 4-5/16” x 32-11/16”), and the four piece mirror box, which accommodates sizes up to 40“ x 60“ x 3-1/2“. There is also the Mirror & Picture Box Kit that comes with the picture packer kit and Enviro-Bubble® as well. Find the box that suits your moving needs best.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Need to keep those dishes safe? We can guide you through that too. Start your dish packing experience with a Dish Saver Kit and Glass Pack Kit. These kits are designed to safely hold dishes and glasses and come with a cell divider and foam poaches for extra protection. Review our guide to see more useful tips on packing dishes for moving.

The cell divider is convenient for packing glass drinkware. You’ll still need to wrap the glasses in foam pouches, but with the cells, the glasses won’t bang against one another in transit. For plates, the foam poaches create a barrier against one another as well. Adding a layer of packing paper to divide sets of plates can also help keep everything intact.

Stack Moving Boxes to Cube-Out Your Moving Truck

In addition to packing your moving boxes correctly, we recommend being mindful of how you load your moving truck. There are several important things to remember when it comes to effectively packing a moving truck, including how you stack your moving boxes.

U-Haul makes hauling moving boxes simple and efficient by specifically designing boxes to stack and cube out a truck perfectly leaving no wasted space. Save time, space and money during your move and haul more, easier by using professional packing boxes.

How Stacking Works

If you were to stand your couch on its side inside your moving truck and remove the cushions, you will create an empty space about three feet wide by two feet deep by more than four feet high. A stack of moving boxes can easily fit in that space, allowing you to efficiently pack stacks of seven or more boxes. View the illustration below to get an idea of how you can stack boxes in compact spaces. This is just another way U-Haul is making packing easier™.

An illustration showing how moving boxes can be stacked in a couch turned on its side.

Packing can be made easy when you know how to pack and have the correct boxes to pack all your items, which can all be conveniently found in our online store for your next move. Order your moving and packing supplies from U-Haul today and choose from Same-Day Delivery or In-Store Pickup from a U-Haul store near you.

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